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Trophy Unlock Guide

Collecting trophy items can be a character altering experience as they provide your character with items that can be warn on your shoulders, belt or cloak depending on the item and the type of armor you wear. Bling out your character with Altdorfs finest with our exclusive guide to Trophy Unlocks.

Zone Location Unlock Discovered By
Avelorn 20000, 49000 Trophy Item Unlock: Dispense Justice
Notes: Goremaw has also been confirmed to pop E of the DE camp, between it and the PQ "The Watchtower", amongst the trolls there.
Chaos Wastes 44000, 3000 Trophy Item Unlock: Not Available in Any Stores
Notes: Search inside the cave at the coordinates to find the Champion bat Deathwing. Kill Deathwing till it drops Deathwing's Fangs, and use them in your inventory. This will complete the tome unlock and give you access to the Hapless Ha'penny from the Librarian in Altdorf.
Chaos Wastes 49000, 52000 Trophy Item Unlock: Organ Grinder
Notes: Kill grotesque plaguebearers until you receive a pestilent organ. Examine the organ to unlock the set ring Cythenil from The Sundered Rings set.
Chaos Wastes 58000, 26000 Trophy Item Unlock: Bigger Bray to Make Your Day
Notes: Kill a level 41, non-champion Dreadhorn Shaman to receive a Bestial Token. This mob appearantly wanders around. Many different coordinates listed. 61.8, 25.4 or 56,25, or 54,15.
Eataine 46000, 61000 Trophy Item Unlock: Eagle Eye
Notes: Kill Ironfeather, a champion eagle for this tome unlock, which will let you purchase the Gorkamork accessory at the librarian.
Ekrund 25000, 38000 Trophy Item Unlock: Dwarf class specific trophy
Notes: Go to "Pick and Goggles" tavern in beginning area of dwarf starter zone acquire quest "Diggers Duds" complete quest (3 parts) and return to original quest giver (an elf in the far left corner at bar) for your race specific trophy.
High Pass 10000, 45000 Trophy Item Unlock: Hide of Killing Frost
Notes: "Appropriately Named" Kill the level 21 Champion Yhetee named Killing Frost at this location.
High Pass 14000, 63000 Trophy Item Unlock: What do we have here? Discus Tech
Notes: By broken wall near Feitens. Magus trophy unlock.
High Pass 18000, 7000 Trophy Item Unlock: Bloodscent
Notes: Gorger Rank 29 Champion. Gives a Bestial Token.
High Pass 34000, 23000 Trophy Item Unlock: Broken Men, Broken Blades
Notes: In the Keep of Asavar Kul, kill the Kulian Bonewarriors and Kulian Bonearchers. They will occasionally drop a grey BOP item (Broken Wight Blade). Gather 5 of these for the unlock, which gives you access to the Death Shroud Cape at the Library
Land of the Dead 22000, 49000 Trophy Item Unlock: The Ushabti Are Occasionally Quite Charming
Notes: gather 10 ushabti charms from image of djaf from the library pq and turn them into graven goldbarrow to unlock a trophy ushabti from the alfdorf library
Land of the Dead 30000, 34000 Trophy Item Unlock: A Voracious Tomb Swarm Leaves Nothing to Waste
Notes: Click on a pile of bones and kill the swarm for the unlock and trophy.
Land of the Dead 55000, 40000 Trophy Item Unlock: You Can't Make an Omelet Without Breaking Some Eggs
Notes: Collect 5 Shiny things from the carrion nests and return them to Vanden Lightwing in the warcamp. Trophy: Carrion
Land of the Dead 58000, 6000 Trophy Item Unlock: Zeppelin Destroyer Medal
Notes: Help complete 'Da Dusty Dry' PQ in Land of the Dead. Warcamp PQ.
Ostland 8000, 15000 Trophy Item Unlock: Shawl of Spring
Notes: "Death in Green and Brown" Kill the dryad named Sheen Gloomleaf at this location. It's in the northwestern part of the zone; somewhat of a far run from the flight master.
Praag 1000, 28000 Trophy Item Unlock: Thick Headed
Notes: Kill Grentic the Thick-Headed at these coordinates to unlock Writhing Shackles, that can be claimed at Altdorf Library
Praag 22000, 53000 Trophy Item Unlock: Soul Catcher
Notes: Kill a lvl 39 wraith named Gloomveil. The mob is located under the waterfall and the unlock triggers upon killing it. Unlocks the set ring Foserain from The Sundered Rings set.
Saphery 16000, 9000 Trophy Item Unlock: What do we have here? Ruined Book
Notes: This book looks like it was well used by the Archmage it was taken from.
Saphery 39000, 6000 Trophy Item Unlock: What do We Have Here?
Notes: Learn about the Swoardmaster by completing a specific task.
Saphery 46000, 11000 Trophy Item Unlock: Black Toof
Notes: Talk to Golgrund Stonefist in Thornvale Manor the High Elf Chapter 13 hub. You will get an Amulet of Fangs. Then go to this location and kill Twisted Hounds to obtain Chaos Hound Fangs. With 10 fangs in your inventory, return to Golgrund Stonefist for the unlock.
Saphery 53000, 10000 Trophy Item Unlock: Big Freeze
Notes: Kill the mob Coldlash. Bestial Token.
Saphery 60000, 26000 Trophy Item Unlock: Plumes of the Eye Killer
Notes: Head to this location and interact with the Petrified Corpse in order to receive a Cockatrice Charm. With the charm in your inventory, hunt down and kill the level 27 champion Cockatrice named Slashbeak just to the southwest.
The Badlands 4000, 35000 Trophy Item Unlock: Scar'd for Life
Notes: Grants Bestial Token. Find and kill the level 21 Hero Savage Orc named Skaar Vidash. He is usually near the Blue Face camp but just up the hill surrounded by Sandpike Deathbacks.
The Badlands 38000, 18000 Trophy Item Unlock: Miscreant Memories
Notes: Talk To Elke Raub, she is hidden behind a rock in that area.
The Blighted Isle 68000, 84000 Trophy Item Unlock: Stag Skull Trophy
Notes: Participated in recent live event. Earned enough influence to gain the LE trophy.