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Land of the Dead

A selection of how-to guides, important locations, and other information about Land of the Dead

How-to Guides:

Locations of Interest:

Throughout Land of the Dead there are dozens of tome unlocks, title unlocks, history & lore unlocks, and more. The index below lists all of the unlocks found by Gaiscioch members.

Location History & Lore Discovered By
X: 10000 - Y: 38000 Hieratic Jar
Small jar behind rock. Sealect to start small quest
X: 17000 - Y: 36000 The Stela of Ahataht
Location Discovered By
X: 4000 - Y: 27000 Temple of Ualapt
This PQ is both frustrating and neat. In stage 1, you will have a Granted Ability called Dig. you want to run around and try to dig up the buried architects. the message you get onscreen will help you narrow down the location. If you are near a buried architect, but aren't close enough for him to be freed, it will also spawn a skellie. In stage 2, you need to look at the door and stand on the glyphs that are illuminated 8 times in a row. If you get it right, you will find yourself flying through the air (no damage), but if you get it wrong, you will die. Hint: the glyphs closest to the door correspond to the glyphs at the top of the door jamb. In stage 3, you need to pull the bone giant over onto whichever glyph is glowing. He is immune to all damage until he gets to the glowing glyph. Rinse, repeat, and destroy him. Now you can enter the Tomb of the Vulture Lord!
X: 12000 - Y: 37000 Pit of Kem Senef
This one is kind of neat. You will find a glowy chest at the PQ area, and when you approach you will fall through a trap floor. Especially nimble folks (or folks that have done this before) will be able to avoid falling in. Kill some scarab constructs in stage 1, destroy some bone piles in stage 2, and then whack a giant scorpion-thing in stage 3. The interesting thing about this PQ is that ranged characters can actually solo it. Until Mythic fixes it, the mobs will not reset or bug out if you are on top of the pit and they are below.
X: 20000 - Y: 27000 The Quay of Seftu
Stage 1 of this PQ is a skeleton-killing cake walk. In stage 2 GET ON A SIEGE WEAPON unless they are all full. if you are on the east side, fire on the boats in the water. If you are on the west or without a siege weapon, focus on the skellies riding in from the desert. In stage 3, the hero is technically a tank and spank, but you want to have all four siege weapons firing on him. The cannon by the water will crit for 18k, and you need this damage output. He has ALOT of hit points.
X: 39000 - Y: 43000 Quarry of Bone
Stage 1 is simply killing quarry workers. in stage 2, you want to stand on top of one of the bone piles and kill the scarab constructs as they run out like roaches. Stage 3 is mostly a tank and spank, but the bone giant will randomly toss you into the air for damage. You can detaunt him to reduce the falling damage.
X: 48000 - Y: 12000 Assault of Nekh Akhet
X: 50000 - Y: 50000 Nikosi Temple
This one's pretty standard. When collecting jars in stage 1, snake constructs will spawn and chase you. More will spawn and attack the temple in stage 2, and then stage 3 is a hero tank and spank.
X: 54000 - Y: 40000 Carrion Nest
In stage 1, the carrions will randomly pick you up and drop you in a nest on the cliff face. It's probably a good idea to just stay there, b/c stage 2 requires you to break eggs. Stage 3 is another hreo tank and spank.
Location Title Unlock Discovered By
X: 20000 - Y: 20000 Desert Raider
Participate in Destroying the Enemy Airship 20 Times in Land of the Dead.
Location Trophy Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 22000 - Y: 49000 The Ushabti Are Occasionally Quite Charming
gather 10 ushabti charms from image of djaf from the library pq and turn them into graven goldbarrow to unlock a trophy ushabti from the alfdorf library
X: 30000 - Y: 34000 A Voracious Tomb Swarm Leaves Nothing to Waste
Click on a pile of bones and kill the swarm for the unlock and trophy.
X: 55000 - Y: 40000 You Can't Make an Omelet Without Breaking Some Eggs
Collect 5 Shiny things from the carrion nests and return them to Vanden Lightwing in the warcamp. Trophy: Carrion
X: 58000 - Y: 6000 Zeppelin Destroyer Medal
Help complete 'Da Dusty Dry' PQ in Land of the Dead. Warcamp PQ.
[DROPS] Rebel Camps w/ Gaiscioch
Conqueror's Blade     9
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