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A selection of how-to guides, important locations, and other information about Praag

How-to Guides:

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Locations of Interest:

Throughout Praag there are dozens of tome unlocks, title unlocks, history & lore unlocks, and more. The index below lists all of the unlocks found by Gaiscioch members.

Location Discovered By
X: 24000 - Y: 58000 Russenscheller Graveyard
X: 30000 - Y: 34000 Martyr's Square
X: 41000 - Y: 73000 Manor of Ortel von Zaris
X: 42000 - Y: 29000 Kurlov's Armory
Location Discovered By
X: 35000 - Y: 12000 Garrison of Skulls
X: 37000 - Y: 63000 Southern Garrison
Location History & Lore Discovered By
X: 4000 - Y: 64000 Warpwind Clan
X: 13000 - Y: 15000 Winged Lancers
Walk around 12600,15300 for unlock
X: 17000 - Y: 43000 Vodka
glass near corner of house
X: 31000 - Y: 34000 The Cursed City
X: 31000 - Y: 34000 Warcamp: Martyr's Square
Location Noteworthy Person Discovered By
X: 12000 - Y: 6000 Captain Lieberholz
Rally Master-Empire Chapter 17-Lieberholz's Command. (12.5,57k)
X: 12000 - Y: 57000 Hartlieb Roth
Kill Collector-Empire Chapter 17-Lieberholz's Command. (12.5,57k)
X: 15000 - Y: 50000 Captain Becker
Rally Master-Empire Chapter 18-Death's Cross. (15,49.5k)
X: 15000 - Y: 50000 Danil Balk
Kill Collector-Empire Chapter 18-Death's Cross. (15,49.5k)
X: 16000 - Y: 35000 General Ludwig Kunst
Westmark Barricade Warcamp. (16,35.4k)
X: 29000 - Y: 24000 Krasa Falkenheim
Rally Master-Empire Chapter 19-Knight's Watch. (28.8,24.2k)
X: 29000 - Y: 24000 Guildmaster Geoff
Kill Collector-Empire Chapter 19-Knight's Watch. (28.8,24.2k)
Location Pocket Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 1000 - Y: 65000 Dead Eye
Kill a LV 35 champ, you get the paocket item barb wire
X: 5000 - Y: 20000 Tough Meat
kill the lev 37 champ blood charge
X: 13000 - Y: 2000 Empirical Proof
Click on the tome "Third Journal of Lliean" (the tome is just behind the first watchtower) and receive One Tusk (Jewelry), part of the "Da Waaagh! Teef" set.
X: 30000 - Y: 17000 What Do We Have Here? (Chosen)
Hidden Scroll is found in remains of a building with some flames. Order can take the road north out of Knight's Watch into the RvR lake; it is the first building off to the right under a ramp.
X: 35000 - Y: 58000 what do we have here? Warrior Priest
click on the hidden scroll to activate
X: 58000 - Y: 18000 Getting Ahead
Kill Deadmaul (Rank 36 Champion) bear inside his den at 58k, 18k Praag.
Location Discovered By
X: 7000 - Y: 29000 Beasts of War
X: 8000 - Y: 35000 Eyes in the Dark
Location Discovered By
X: 12000 - Y: 44000 Broken Ground
Location Discovered By
X: 12000 - Y: 13000 Hell's Fall
X: 25000 - Y: 53000 Gospodar Square
6-9 players - normal rewards
Location Title Unlock Discovered By
X: 52000 - Y: 3000 The Ascendant Verses
Head to west Praag 52k/3k kill Frost Growler until it drops a Fine Fur Pelt, then go talk to merchants in empire/chaos chapter 16 hubs. Drop rate is not very high so expect to waste some time. The specified spot has only 1 Frost Growler theres 5 more spawns in a more accessable area as well. They tend to be along the ridges in the southern part. Along 1 ridge at 58k X 42k, 62k X 39k, and 64k X 35.5k. Along another at 49k X 41k and 51.5k X 41k.
X: 58000 - Y: 10000 The Unflintching
It's What's Inside That Counts: Kill geral the dim for mote of zzangal then talk to aialye lynsellia in eataine
X: 59000 - Y: 10000 The Unflinching
"What's Inside is What Counts" Kill the Chaos Giant named Geral the Dim for a Mote of Zzangal'Nes Nalanel. Bring this mote to Aialye Lynsellia in the High Elf Chapter 16 hub for the unlock.
Location Tome Tactic Unlock Discovered By
X: 7000 - Y: 18000 For the Greator Gor
Kill the level 40 hero 'Drahamesh' bestigor.
X: 13000 - Y: 57000 Picky Eater
Step 1: Talk to the Griffon War Striker behind the Rally Master tent in Praag, Lieberholtz's Command, located at 13k,55k to receive an Empty Feed Bag. Step 2: Kill One Warpwind Night Runners around 10k,62k in Praag for Fresh Meat to fill the bag. Step 3: Return to the Griffon War Striker with the Full Feed Bag.
X: 15000 - Y: 9000 Leader of the Lost
Kill Calvin Lankdorf Rank 38 Chaos Mutant. Bestial Token.
X: 58000 - Y: 50000 Well Watched Weaklings
Kill Snowperch Matriarch (lvl 37 Hero) at 58k, 50k Praag. Kill a Snowperch Fledgling to spawn the hero.
X: 59000 - Y: 18000 Heading For Profit
Kill Deadmaul in his den Praag(59k, 18k) until he drops Deadmaul's paw. Then sell the paw to a merchant to get the unlock.
Location Trophy Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 1000 - Y: 28000 Thick Headed
Kill Grentic the Thick-Headed at these coordinates to unlock Writhing Shackles, that can be claimed at Altdorf Library
X: 22000 - Y: 53000 Soul Catcher
Kill a lvl 39 wraith named Gloomveil. The mob is located under the waterfall and the unlock triggers upon killing it. Unlocks the set ring Foserain from The Sundered Rings set.