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The Gaiscioch Family Credos & Etiquette

Family Credos

Through your adventures with the family you'll be required to accept a credo to receive certain promotions within the family. These are in place to help let you know what will be expected of you with each forward progression within the family. The day you join our family, we welcome you from whatever background you've come from. Whether it be raider or roleplayer, crafter or pvper, or simply a casual gaming background your after, our credo gives you directions for how to behave as a central part of our family.

If you come across a credo or oath you are not willing to accept, and do not wish to proceed, you are more than welcome too. Not everyone wants to be a leader. It is perfectly ok to stay where your at and continue to keep growing within the family without the added pressures of being a branch of our tree. Player satisfaction is first and foremost importance in our family and we do not wish to force people to take a bigger part than they choose to fill.

Those that accept the credo's will then be held to abide by them and extend their understanding to others. They are our guidelines and help keep our family on track. There are 4 credo's that general members will be presented with. The Gaiscioch Credo which all registered members accept the day they join. The Kindred Credo when they decide to become an official member. the Protectors Credo when they become a family veteran. and the Leadership Credo when they earn their place among our Warlords and Guardians.

Mark of the Gaiscioch
The Gaiscioch Credo

"I will honor the community by acting in a manner that speaks of our kindness, I will refrain from activities that would dishonor the community, and I will honor the requests of the community elders. I will fight my opponents with honor, giving them a fair fight. I will not spawn camp, grief, cheat, or harass my allies or foes. I will encourage them to fight and win my battles with the highest of honors. I will respect those around me both within the community and outside, I will act in a manner which speaks of our benevolence and kindness, and I will not disrespect the community by engaging in spiteful comments or actions even when provoked. I will hold our community's integrity close to heart and I realize that my actions directly affect that of the whole community. I will say what I do, and do what I say. I will not fall back on promises or make false claims. I will welcome others to the fellowship with open arms and be courteous those who cross our path. I will act in a welcoming way and ensure that those who participate in our events feel welcome whether they are part of the community or not. I will allow my actions to speak of our character, and reserve my words for offering assistance."

Mark of the Kindred
The Kindred Credo

"I understand that I am now a part of a much larger whole, that my actions affect all who are involved and that I will be expected to refrain from acts which cast a negative shadow on our family. I will not cheat, I will not troll, I will not insult others, and at no time will I attack or compromise another member of the family. I will bestow more respect onto my foes and allies than they bestow upon me and will hold a higher level of honor than those around me. If I have a problem with a member of the family I will try to approach them peacefully and calmly to try to remedy the situation before it escalates and understand that most confrontations start from misunderstandings and miscommunication. In event I cannot remedy the situation I will come and speak with and guardian or elder for advise on how to deal with the situation. It is with these things in mind that I accept this credo and pledge my loyalty to the Gaiscioch Family."

Mark of the Protector
The Protectors Credo

"I understand that the challenges that lie before me may not provide reward, may not provide fame, and may not provide glory for my actions. However I stand by the Gaiscioch way of life and swear to protect it with the best of my ability. I will help others learn of our ways, provide assistance to the eldership, and be an source of information about the ways of our family. I will continue to be an example of how a Gaiscioch should behave, by putting others in front of myself, helping the weak become strong, I will protect our integrity by saying what we do, and doing what we say. I will never fall back on a promise and will honor my word. I will let my actions speak for me and understand that they speak for us. I am a protector, and will protect our Family to the fullest of my ability. It is with these things in mind that I accept this credo and accept the Mark of the Protector."

Mark of Servitude
The Leaders Credo

"I understand by accepting this credo that I am accepting a life of servitude. I am willing to help the family grow by taking on tasks to better the family life. I understand that this position is not one of power and control but one of inspiration and motivation. I will do my best to see to it that all players feel welcome in family and out. I will not hold a grudge, and I will not pass judgment. I will show kindness and benevolence to all even when they do not show the same. I understand that every action I make will be the voice of the family and if I speak out of hate, anger, and rage it then taints the family name. I will remain calm, caring, and friendly to all and will stop at nothing to ensure that those who live under our roof feel taken care of. I will go out of my way to help others, even when there is no reward. I will be a knowledge source for members and an example of how a Gaiscioch should behave. I understand that gear and achievements come secondary to fellowship and memories and will go out of my way to help others grow closer together and form new memories. I herby accept the Leaders credo and offer myself to a life of servitude."

Mark of the Mentor
The Elders Credo

"I understand by accepting this credo that I am a protector of the Gaiscioch way of life. My actions directly ripple through the family. I swear to approach every obstacle with a calm mind and a clear head and view it from all angles before making a decision. I understand the amount of work that is involved with this position and will do my best to provide my fair share of support to the elder council and family. I will act out of selflessness and compassion, I will put others before myself, and I will go out of my way to help those in the communities the Gaiscioch exists within. I will represent the family in the highest of honors. I will not act our of rage or anger. I will not use my authority to gain power and control. I understand that as an elder those below me should be tended to first, that our strength comes from those we help."

Family Etiquette

Think We Not Me (Push Vs Pull)

When asking for help from the Community try to avoid wording your request as such that you are asking someone to do the work for you. A statement such as "Can someone help me with this quest?" is a request, it pushes your objective on others, however a by rewording your statement to "I am organizing a group for this quest, If you are interested let me know." you create an invitation, which pulls members of similar interest to you. Both mean the exact same thing however one expresses that you are looking out for your community and not just for yourself. This in turn will encourage shared adventures. After all, a community is not about you or I, it's about us.

Play How You Want, When You Want, As Long As You Want

Our community is a casual gaming community and with this we do not tell people how to play, when to play, or how long to play. Our members are free to come and go as they please without the fear of exile or grudges being bore. They can play as much or as little as they like.

Conversation & Voice Communication

The synergy of a community can turn ugly at any moment. Conversation within the community needs to have clear boundaries to prevent bad blood and hostile attitudes from forming. We ask that all members keep the voice comm and community chat child safe at all times. We have a lot of families that game together and we do not wish to cause heartache.

In addition please refrain from discussing religion, politics, and other heated debate prone topics. We do not need unnecessary divides within the community. Trolling is strictly forbidden and falls under the "Blades Out, Not In" Rule and will result in removal from the community.

Using Community Efforts For Self Profit

Please do not use the Marketplace, or Family Vault to fund your gaming experience. We do not seek profits from within the family and at no time should you claim the work of others to turn a profit. This is also considered part of the "Blades Out, Not In"