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Uncovering the Secret Mini-Dungeons of Tyria
Guild Wars 2     13
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The Blighted Isle

A selection of how-to guides, important locations, and other information about The Blighted Isle

How-to Guides:

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Locations of Interest:

Throughout The Blighted Isle there are dozens of tome unlocks, title unlocks, history & lore unlocks, and more. The index below lists all of the unlocks found by Gaiscioch members.

Location Discovered By
X: 24000 - Y: 63000 The Altar of Khaine:Defensive Boon
X: 45000 - Y: 54000 The House of Lorendyth
Healing Boon
Location History & Lore Discovered By
X: 33000 - Y: 16000 Benevolent Protectors
Approach the cliff edge near Adunei. This unlock is by proximity to this location.
X: 37000 - Y: 38000 The War of the Beard
Interact with a csroll on a table at this location, inside Lacorith Village.
X: 38000 - Y: 1000 Eltharin Language of the High Elf:
Get this unlock by doing the quest tomes of knowledge then clicking on the book at 38885 X 1617 in Blighted Isle.
X: 39000 - Y: 34000 The Grave of Mororthel Hawkwood
Click on the Grave
X: 40000 - Y: 2000 The Mysterious M.B. - Precious Flask
The Mysterious M.B. - Part 1: Interact with the Precious Flask on the ground by some trees in the High Elf starting village. It is about 10 feet from the Dusty Tome. Activate the flask in your inventory for the unlock.
X: 40000 - Y: 3000 Eltharin, Language of the High Elves
You will get this unlock as part of the starting quests in the first High Elf village. Click on the book around the left side of the tower for the unlock (must have quest)
X: 40000 - Y: 35000 The Grave of Morothel Hawkwood
*Required to enter the Lair of the Defiler in Ostland* Interact with the gravestone at this location.
X: 43000 - Y: 9000 The Shining Guard
Speak with the career trainer named Eliryel Sorrowblade near Prince Eldrion for this unlock.
X: 43000 - Y: 25000 Benevolent Protector
Run past 43341 X 25903 in Blighted Isle.
X: 48000 - Y: 39000 The Asking
Achievement: Part 2 of Rune of Cython. This must be done at nighttime ingame. Ineract with the Rune of Cython at this location.
X: 52000 - Y: 9000 Masters of Sword, Bow, & Spear
In the House of Arkaneth PQ, interact with the armoire next to one of the buildings.
X: 56000 - Y: 14000 Ancient History
During the quest Tears of Lileath, when you are collecting the tears in the basement of the tower, find and interact with a bookshelf at this location.
X: 59000 - Y: 12000 Rune of Cython
Achievement: The screen popup says "Stones of Sethai", but your Tome lists it as "Rune of Cython". On the far east side of the House of Arkaneth (High Elf Chapter 1) PQ, you will find a stone called the Rune of Cython tucked away at this location. Interact with it for the unlock (required for the next step of the Achievement)
Location Boss Lair Discovered By
X: 34000 - Y: 18000 Lair of Gorthlak
Rank 40 Hero Undead Orc.
X: 35000 - Y: 51000 Lair of Lady Alisha
From the warcamp head west. theres a giant moon shapped mountain. It is at the bottom middle. Opening the door is another issue entirely
Location Noteworthy Person Discovered By
X: 42000 - Y: 47000 Riandys Arrowlore
Tor Aendris Warcamp.(42.4,47.5k)Patrols the warcamp.
X: 43000 - Y: 25000 Kyrinn Silversea
Rally Master-High Elves Chapter 2-Adunei.(43.7,25.7k)
X: 43000 - Y: 25000 Caethsetir Silverstrand
Kill Collector-High Elves Chapter 2-Adunei.(43.7,25.7k)
X: 47000 - Y: 13000 Captain Talorith
Rally Master-High Elves Chapter 1-Moonrise Tower.(47.7,13.4k)
X: 47000 - Y: 13000 Aen Windsong
Kill Collector-High Elves Chapter 1-Moonrise Tower.(47.7,13.4k)
Location Pocket Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 21000 - Y: 38000 Where did you guys go?
Kill the Lv 4 Pink Horror is wandering around the tops of the mountain ridge west of Lacorith. Easiest access to the top of the ridge is over near 28,45
X: 26000 - Y: 62000 What do we have here? Witch elves
click on the scroll infront of the tower
X: 27000 - Y: 62000 What do we have here? (Witch Elves)
East of the altar of Khaine, in the dirt near the tower, you'll find a Hidden Scroll that will give you the unlock.
Location Discovered By
X: 42000 - Y: 35000 Swale of Miralei
Location Discovered By
X: 41000 - Y: 20000 Thanalorn Forest
100 kill first stage - Second Stage make sure to release the Trees during the fight as they help - Third Stage just focus on the Main Boss if you have a medium party.
Location Discovered By
X: 37000 - Y: 28000 The Forlorn Isle
Final bos has a wicked Knockback, be prepared to do a lot of rushing back to the fight, and bring a healer.
X: 55000 - Y: 8000 House Arkaneth
Standard 3 wave PQ, Final boss is a Hydra/Beastmaster Duo.
X: 56000 - Y: 54000 Ruins of Eraneth
-shoudl be labeled Hard- The mobs on second stage hit hard and aggro from a good distance -bring heals-
Location Title Unlock Discovered By
X: 3000 - Y: 63000 The Scorpion Squisher
Unlock: Beach Bum Goal: Kill the champion "Bane Claw" on the sandbar shores.
X: 5000 - Y: 49000 The Howler
Unlock: View With a Howl Goal: "The Howler" Have to sneak past one Destro Town but once you get over there just walk along the edge of the cliff until this unlocks.
X: 5000 - Y: 49000 The Howler
View With a Howl: Approach the edge of the cliff to hear wolves howl
X: 6000 - Y: 37000 The Grounded (One Location)
"I Just Washed THis Cloak" At this location, kill the solitary Crag Great Eagle perched on top of a rock by Volruc Kinslayer.
X: 36000 - Y: 19000 The Lizard Hunter
Unlock: A Matter of Scales Goal: Kill giant lizards in the cave where you get fire crystals. Unlocks after looting a Scaly Skin 'Bind on Pickup' Item.
X: 36000 - Y: 20000 The Lizard Hunter
"A Matter od Scales" Enter the Fire Crystal Caverns at this location. Kill the giant lizards in this cave until one drops Scaly Skin. Loot the item for the title unlock.
X: 48500 - Y: 48500 The Peculiar
Unlock: And I Just Cleaned My Boots Goal: There is an interactable Boulder sitting atop a rock with a oblivious snotling underneath. Push the rock on the snotling to get the unlock.
X: 54000 - Y: 53000 The Spite Splitter
"Looking for Shinnies" Kill Dark Sprites at this location for a Shining RIng. Looting the item grants the title unlock. (Low drop rate)
X: 68000 - Y: 84000 The Beastly
If you receive the Curse of Kurnous 10 times, you are granted this title.
X: 68000 - Y: 84000 Squeals like a Pig
Location Tome Tactic Unlock Discovered By
X: 47000 - Y: 46000 A Pinch to Grow an Inch
Complete Kill Collector Quest - Giant Scorpions (60 kills to max) Coordinates listed has a good number of scorps along with a level 4+ champ.
Location Trophy Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 68000 - Y: 84000 Stag Skull Trophy
Participated in recent live event. Earned enough influence to gain the LE trophy.
Uncovering the Secret Mini-Dungeons of Tyria
Guild Wars 2     13
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