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A selection of how-to guides, important locations, and other information about Ostland

How-to Guides:

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Locations of Interest:

Throughout Ostland there are dozens of tome unlocks, title unlocks, history & lore unlocks, and more. The index below lists all of the unlocks found by Gaiscioch members.

Location Discovered By
X: 26000 - Y: 9000 Crypt of Weapons
X: 56000 - Y: 5000 Kinschel's Stronghold
Location History & Lore Discovered By
X: 7000 - Y: 18000 Death in Green and Brown
Ostland: Kill a Champion Monster rewarded with Shawl of Spring!
X: 7000 - Y: 58000 Khorne
click the barrel outside the tent
X: 11000 - Y: 56000 Blood for the Blood God
click the altar between the giant Khorne symbol and the cultist mobs
X: 12000 - Y: 32000 Magnus the Pious
Click the pile of books titled 'The Canonization of Magnus the Pious'. Its near a small camp's entrance up the slope to the right of the Black Mire Bell Tower hidden behind a small bush.
X: 21000 - Y: 21000 Forest Vipers
At the chapter 5 Player Quest, "Krul'Gor Herd", there is a house. walk towards the house at the listed Coordinates and you should receive the unlock.
X: 31000 - Y: 11000 Favored of the Gods
click corpse of Dagny Betz on ground
X: 32000 - Y: 14000 Twin-Tailed Comets and other Omens
walk near sigmar statue at wayshrine
X: 32000 - Y: 52000 The Howling Vale
walk near overturned cart in middle of pq
X: 33000 - Y: 8000 What do we have here? Hidden Scroll - Crypt of Weapons
When exiting the Crypt, look to the right, behind the mound of grave earth, near the fence.
X: 35000 - Y: 25000 Wilderness
click on the bulletin board, but careful.. champ w two posse will pop!
X: 52000 - Y: 52000 Loathsome Rat-Men
Click dead skaven under bridge, behind the grate.
X: 60000 - Y: 59000 The Grave of Ronald Grumman
Click on the gravestone outside of the Catacombs
X: 60000 - Y: 59000 Grave
Location Discovered By
X: 39000 - Y: 4000 Mandred's Hold
Location Boss Lair Discovered By
X: 7000 - Y: 62000 Lair of the Defiler
'Feculesh the Defiler' Rank 40 Great Unclean One Hero. Opening the lair requires visiting the opposing faction's capital city to find the grave unlock there, in addition to the other 13 graves. Once four players have the required grave unlocks, they simply activate the grave markers at once, opening the lair. Drop blue gloves.
Location Noteworthy Person Discovered By
X: 31000 - Y: 26000 Demona Gaertner
Rally Master - Empire Chapter 8 - Bohsenfels. (31.1,26.7k)
X: 31000 - Y: 26000 Droki Greybeard
Kill Collector - Empire Chapter 8 - Bohsenfels. (31.1,26.7k)
X: 48000 - Y: 50000 Dieter Totenhosen
Kill Collector - Empire Chapter 9 - Wolfenburg. (48.5,50.7k)South of quest hub.
X: 49000 - Y: 54000 Liebert Naubhof
Rally Master - Empire Chapter 9 - Wolfenburg. (49.1,54.3k)
X: 53000 - Y: 1000 Sergeant Kraussner
Rally Master - Empire Chapter 7 - Kraussner's Charge. (53,1.2k)
X: 53000 - Y: 1000 Farmer Nadezhda
Kill Collector - Empire Chapter 7 - Kraussner's Charge. (53,1.2k)
Location Pocket Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 34000 - Y: 8000 what do we have here ? (Marauder)
Click on the scroll at the crypt of weapons behind a fallen pillar
X: 48000 - Y: 57000 Time is of the Essence
Step 1: Collect Jekil's Wedding Band from the Corpse of Jekil Behn in Ostland, loc 48k, 57k. This corpse is on the north side of a building right against the river. Step 2: Take the item to the graveyard at 60k 60k in Ostland, where you will find Hilda Behn's Grave. Examine the grave, and speak to the spirit that appears. Note: In order to spawn the NPC, you have to click on the gravestone at 12:00 noon. The spirit is only spawned for a limited time, so be sure to speak with her with the ring in your inventory as soon as she appears to get the unlock.
Location Discovered By
X: 24000 - Y: 43000 The Black Mire
X: 42000 - Y: 19000 Hochnar
Location Discovered By
X: 8000 - Y: 47000 Nurenmir's Lancers
X: 11000 - Y: 57000 Gore Wood
Empire Chapter 9 Public Quest
Location Discovered By
X: 28000 - Y: 35000 Seige of Bohsenfels
X: 33000 - Y: 52000 Howling Vale
Empire Chapter 9 Public Quest
X: 49000 - Y: 58000 Wolfenburg
Public quest chapter 9
Location Title Unlock Discovered By
X: 7000 - Y: 51000 Death in Green and Brown
Go into this area and look for Sheen Gloomleaf, Slay her, and head to Altdorf. Go to the library and look for Mandred Vog, buy the Shawl Of Spring from him.
X: 20000 - Y: 35000 Meat For the Beast "The Raw"
Click on the Witch Hunter corpse for the title "The Raw".
X: 20000 - Y: 37000 The Maw
In the beastmen camp, you'll find a Witch Hunter corpse. You'll get the title when clicking on him.
X: 21000 - Y: 37000 The Raw
Just north of the ruins between two large trees find "corpse of Witch Hunter" click on him ...mobs in area lvl 17 +
X: 43000 - Y: 53000 Aethyr Guard
Unlock: Colors of Horror Goal: This one's a bit unusual. Head into the broken up courtyard at this location. Try to pull a Pink and a Blue horror and kill them at the same time. Do this correctly, and a Purple Horror will spawn nearby. Kill it for the title unlock. Repeat a few times for a fun surprise!
Location Tome Tactic Unlock Discovered By
X: 20000 - Y: 29000 Things With Wings
Kill named Rank 17 Champ bat 'Heartraker'.
X: 20000 - Y: 29000 Things With Wings...
Grants Bestial Tactic Fragment: Find and kill the level 17 chamion Giant Bat named Heartraker. Unfortunately, it is a roaming creature that has been sighted at the following locations: 21.5, 29k; 31, 46k; 39, 40k;
X: 20000 - Y: 38000 Thin the Herd
Max out the Kill Collector Droki Greybeard in Bohsenfels. You can fins a Gasthorn herd at this location.
X: 30000 - Y: 18000 When There's a Will
Head to the Gerstmann Crypt at this location. Inside the crypt, you will want to obtain a Fade Scroll BOP item from killing Boneshard Minions. Right click on the Faded Scroll in your inventory for the unlock.
X: 34000 - Y: 8000 What Do We Have Here? (Marauder)
Click on the Hidden Scroll near the entrance to the Crypt of Weapons at this location.
X: 48000 - Y: 19000 Bones Have Names Too
At this location, there is a named level 16 skeleton, Halman Meusmann. He is right by the broken down gate that's not really connected to anything. Kill him for the tactic fragment.
X: 55000 - Y: 24000 Wanted!
Head east from the flight master and swing south. Find the Shadow Bandit camp at this location. Kill the level 17 champion named Lodwig Falkenheim. You may need to kill a couple Shadow Bandits before he spawn.
X: 56000 - Y: 24000 Wanted !
kill the L 37 champ
Location Trophy Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 8000 - Y: 15000 Shawl of Spring
"Death in Green and Brown" Kill the dryad named Sheen Gloomleaf at this location. It's in the northwestern part of the zone; somewhat of a far run from the flight master.
[DROPS] Rebel Camps w/ Gaiscioch
Conqueror's Blade     12
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