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Gaiscioch Livestream & Video Production

Over the years Gaiscioch has become very involved in creating game videos for our chapters, community events, and sporting activities. This took a natural transition into livestreaming. In 2014 we began broadcasting on a few times a week. By 2017 we launched a full 7-day per week schedule and presented first looks, previews, reviews, lets play and community event livestreams.

We have become accredited on, Evolve PR's, distribute(), and receive invites to gaming conferences around the world including E3, PAX, EGX Rezzed, and Gamescon. The Gaiscioch Livestreams work hand in hand with our magazine to highlight games that we feel are awesome. We maintain the same policy that we have for the magazine. "We don't stream or publish games we do not enjoy." So 100% of the time that you see us streaming we playing something we are excited about.

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Want us to Stream/Publish Your Game?

We would love the opportunity to check out your title. That said we only publish games that we enjoy as we do not want to use our time criticizing people's hard work. While we will accept keys for any title, it will be up to our streamers to decide which they stream and which they pass on. We do not want to force someone to play a game they don't enjoy and we also do not want to spend an hour complaining about a title. If you're ok with this please make contact with us! Any game we stream will be given a half page ad in our next issue of Gaiscioch Magazine as our way of saying thanks!

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