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Gaiscioch is back as GSCH! With a new expansion on the horizon and several players interested in exploring the new content we've decided to make a substatial push back into RIFT to rekindle those memories forged over the years we called RIFT home. Over the past few years a handful of Gaiscioch kept the house going forward for us and Berga has kept it alive from a management standpoint. Begining in October we will be holding rotating Thursday events between 6PM and 11PM PT. Once for US Primetime, and other for Oceanic Primetime. Each week we'll be doing zone invasions, chronicles, dungeons, and instant adventures based on the number of people in attendance.

If we can attract more than 100 active players (30-day period) we will reactivate RIFT under our new Legacy Chapter setup and reactivate the Leadership/Fellowship and Marketplace systems for use. If we surpass 300 active players we will look and bringing "Gaiscioch" back as a full chapter.

Getting an Invite

Open the "Guild Finder" (Shift+G) window and search for "GSCH".  Click "Join" and a mail will be sent to me to send an invite.


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