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A selection of how-to guides, important locations, and other information about Ekrund

How-to Guides:

  • No Guides Available

Locations of Interest:

Throughout Ekrund there are dozens of tome unlocks, title unlocks, history & lore unlocks, and more. The index below lists all of the unlocks found by Gaiscioch members.

Location Discovered By
X: 40000 - Y: 4000 Stonemine Tower
X: 55000 - Y: 9000 Cannon Battery
Location History & Lore Discovered By
X: 15000 - Y: 45000 Gold
Middle Tunnel [lower] in front of turned over cart there is a small bag.
X: 20000 - Y: 41000 Grudges
Book on Bench - Quest Given Tome Unlock [Snorri Oathbrew]
X: 20000 - Y: 47000 Reclaiming Ekrund
Plaque on the Wall behind Grimilda Mughammer
X: 20000 - Y: 47000 Reclaiming Ekrund
Click on the Commemorative Plaque at this location.
X: 22000 - Y: 38000 Oathbearers
Speak to an Oathbearer (or Two) in the Pick&Goggles
X: 22000 - Y: 39000 The Pick & Goggles
Enter the Pick&Goggles
X: 22000 - Y: 42000 Cannons
Questline Tome Unlock from Tharik Redaxe [Filth in the Rough]
X: 24000 - Y: 39000 Helga
Up the stairs from the Pick & Goggles. [Large Cannon]
X: 35000 - Y: 34000 Ancestor Worship
Approach the giant stone head right outside the Dwarf Chapter 1 Public Quest. The statue head is ringed by a short wooden palisade (like waist high)
X: 45000 - Y: 21000 Durak Bitterstone
Top of the stairs at the base of the Big Doors.
X: 46000 - Y: 28000 The Mysterious M.B. - Rare Flask
The Mysterious M.B. - Part 2: Interact with the Rare Flask on a table inside the Redhammer Brewery. Activate the flask in your inventory for the unlock.
X: 54000 - Y: 49000 Rune Magic
Inside on ramp of first large tower at cliffside in greenskin lands. [PvP is possible]
Location Boss Lair Discovered By
X: 58000 - Y: 3000 Lair Of The Bandit Queen
'Renatta Betz' Rank 11 Banshee Hero. From the Stonemine Tower head NE along road. A road will lead up a hill to your left. Follow it until you reach the Lair Door. The door can also be opened by a Sorcerer or Sorceress. The player must remove any defensive buffs and armor to use backlash generating abilities until they die on the steps. Door will open upon their death. Sorcerer player can then be resurrected or run back really fast from reset location. She drops blue helms.
Location Noteworthy Person Discovered By
X: 19000 - Y: 46000 Grimilda Mughammer
Kill Collector - Goldbrow's Lament. (19.2k,46.1k)
X: 35000 - Y: 37000 Rordin Ironmane
Rally Master - Dwarfs Chapter 1 - Battle of Bitterstone. (35.1k,37.0k)
X: 46000 - Y: 30000 Skolm Goldskaar
Kill Collector - Dwarfs Chapter 2 - Redhammer Station. (46.8k,30.1k)
X: 46000 - Y: 31000 Krogan Redhammer
Rally Master - Dwarfs Chapter 2 - Redhammer Station. (46.7k,30.0k)
X: 55000 - Y: 17000 Moranir Grudgekeg
Grudgekeg's Guard Warcamp. (55.5k,17.7k)
Location Pocket Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 50000 - Y: 9000 Endless List of Grudges
A scroll sitting on the ground by Giant Doors
Location Discovered By
X: 46000 - Y: 25000 Durak's Gate
Location Discovered By
X: 52000 - Y: 25000 Engine Number Nine
Location Discovered By
X: 35000 - Y: 34000 Battle of Bitterstone
X: 54000 - Y: 32000 Murgluk's Gits
Go into the cave
Location Title Unlock Discovered By
X: 21000 - Y: 37000 The Gourmand
Squig the Other, Other Red Meat: Enter The Pick & Goggles tavern, talk to the waitress and eat what she gives you.
X: 22000 - Y: 39000 The Other, Other Red Meat
"The Gourmand" Head into Pick and Goggles tavern in the dwarf starting area and talk to waitress for Roasted squig then eat it.
X: 45000 - Y: 30000 The Plaguebearer Hunter
Talk to Witch Hunter Adept by the Fire in the Redhammer Station
Location Trophy Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 25000 - Y: 38000 Dwarf class specific trophy
Go to "Pick and Goggles" tavern in beginning area of dwarf starter zone acquire quest "Diggers Duds" complete quest (3 parts) and return to original quest giver (an elf in the far left corner at bar) for your race specific trophy.
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