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Real World Gaiscioch Hosted Events

One of the things that separate Gaiscioch from most guilds is their real world events. Sure some guilds hold annual meet-and-greets and get together's, but how many can say they hold their own charity events, or have a program for athletics, or go one-on-one with game developers.

The Gaiscioch is about community, inside the games they play and out. While others look to build a "guild", we look to build a family. While they search for a house (game) to exist within, we look for a place to call home (community). Our membership is devoted to making the world a better place, for members, for communities, and for people in real life.

Our community helps each other through the tough times, celebrates the best times, and donates their time and money to helping give others a fighting chance at life. We've helped members find jobs, celebrated as new life comes into a family, and even been there to say goodbye to dear friends. Life within the Gaiscioch is nothing like a normal guild. We care, we share, and we love one another.

Charity Involvement

In 2011, the Gaiscioch began their campaign to get involved in charity events by participating in the 2011 ExtraLife event that benefit the Children's Miracle Network. This 24 hour game-a-thon was such a success among our members that we placed 11th world wide as top contributors passing Activision and Wizards of the Coast. In total the Gaiscioch raised $8,875.01 for the Children's Miracle Network and are ready to break the $10,000 mark in 2012.

After the success of the ExtraLife Event the Gaiscioch decided to play their hand at their own annual charity event which they called the "Double-Up Charity Event". In this 100% Gaiscioch planned event we used the KOHL'S Cares program to purchase stuffed animals and then donate them to local Portland, Oregon charities. While Kohl's Cares donates 100% of the proceeds to children's education and health, the Gaiscioch selected 4 charities to receive the donations. They were Candlelighters for Children with Cancer, Insights, Raphael House, and the Bear and Buddy Program of Beaverton, Oregon. In all the Gaiscioch raised 405 stuffed animals filling all 4 charities storage capacities.

Developer & Partner Appreciation

Each year the Gaiscioch say thank you to those who made our year a success by sending a legion of sugary delights to the developers and partner companies who have supported our community. In it's first year over 10,000 cookies were shipped to Trion Worlds and ArenaNet in what we called our First Annual "CookieZerg". This was met wildly by the development companies who issued praise and thanks to the Gaiscioch over their social network and internal communications.

We look to turn this sign of appreciation into an annual Gaiscioch tradition letting the hard working developers and supporting companies know just how much we appreciate their hard work.

Conference Raids

PAX Prime, PAX East, E3, CES, Dragon Con, Comic Con, what do these have in common? The all serve as a wonderful meeting spot for Gaiscioch Members. The Gaiscioch began meeting at conferences in 2010 at PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. In 2012 we look to potentially involve more conferences where gamers flock to see the latest and greatest titles and hardware. Members are encouraged to purchase buttons from our Zazzle store and wear them around the show floor to meet other members and put some faces to the voices. In the case that we have someone able to organize we have planned meetups where people can connect and booth crawl together. Conferences are a wonderful experience for members. As a Gaiscioch you will often be invited to exclusive parties and be able to hang out with developers of your favorite games. Our eldership works diligently to setup these opportunities for our members and builds lasting relationships with developers and gaming companies. This gives us the ability to participate in focus groups, beta's, and other developer sponsored projects


Gaming isn't everything in the Gaiscioch Family. We have branding which can be used to form your own athletics teams and have a program in place to help support them. All you need to do is find the program you wan't to participate in and recruit a few friends to join you. Whether it's softball, flag-football, bowling, hurling, or soccer the Gaiscioch has branding all set to go and with our system already setup in Zazzle and CustomInk it makes ordering uniforms a breeze. The Gaiscioch highly recommends any active members to form up local Gaiscioch themed athletic clubs to share your adventures locally.