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A selection of how-to guides, important locations, and other information about Avelorn

How-to Guides:

  • No Guides Available

Locations of Interest:

Throughout Avelorn there are dozens of tome unlocks, title unlocks, history & lore unlocks, and more. The index below lists all of the unlocks found by Gaiscioch members.

Location Discovered By
X: 20000 - Y: 62000 Wood Choppaz
X: 38000 - Y: 62000 Maiden's Landing
Location Discovered By
X: 28000 - Y: 53000 Ghrond's Sacristy
Location History & Lore Discovered By
X: 4000 - Y: 52000 Astrielle, the First Everqueen
Interact with the book near the coast called A History of the Elves. It's in the Evercourt just south of the Jade Coast.
X: 8000 - Y: 51000 Land of Eternal Summer
Interact with the Bone Dry Stein at this location. It is on the ground right by a tree on the western side of the road.
X: 9000 - Y: 5000 The Temple of Khaine
Interact with the Defiled Tree Trunk at this location for the unlock.
X: 13000 - Y: 28000 Death Night
Interact with the Denied Reveler body hidden under a huge rock to left side of Ghyran's Path (Major Landmark) at this location
X: 13000 - Y: 47000 Witchbrew
Interact with the Assorted Concoctions inside one of the tents at this location. The enemies here are actually neutral instead of hostile.
X: 15000 - Y: 61000 Isha
Click on "An Elder Root" nearby the water's edge on the southern part of the map at 14515, 58076. It is a little off south from Isha's Fall warcamp.
X: 21000 - Y: 2000 The Inner Kingdom
Interact with the High Elf corpse at this location. It is called a Heart Stricken Warrior, and it has a spear through its chest.
X: 33000 - Y: 21000 Bitter Rivals
At this location, interact with A Tortured Rival that is leaning up against a tree near one of the little Dark Elf campsites.
X: 38000 - Y: 30000 Assassins
Interact with the Hung Peasant hanging from one of the trees at this location. The body is hanging on the side near the mountain.
X: 42000 - Y: 23000 Malekith and Morathi
At this loction you will find a skull on a table inside a Dark Elf tent. The skull is called "A Clear Message"; interact with it for the unlock.
X: 59000 - Y: 10000 Noteworthy Person: Aeddriel Swiftspear
X: 60000 - Y: 8000 Noteworthy Person: Elithaen Leafwind
X: 61000 - Y: 9000 The Maiden Guard
Check behind the towers in the High Elf Chapter 11 hub at this location. You will find a shield on the ground called a Maiden Guard. Interact with it for the unlock.
Location Boss Lair Discovered By
X: 62000 - Y: 48000 Lair of Elrin Helfried
Just North-East of Anulli Ruins. The way to gain access to this lair is a basic jumping trick. Wraith Rank 40 hero lair boss.
Location Noteworthy Person Discovered By
X: 26000 - Y: 9000 Mesilhin Darkeagle
Kill Collector-High Elves Chapter 10-Fernwood. (26.7,9.1k)
X: 27000 - Y: 9000 Cirribhir Strongwind
Rally Master-High Elves Chapter 10-Fernwood. (26.7,9.1k)
X: 44000 - Y: 34000 Nalrothel Forestshadow
Kill Collector-High Elves Chapter 12-Well of Whispers. (45.2,34.2k)
X: 45000 - Y: 34000 Sethril Stillwater
Rally Master-High Elves Chapter 12-Well of Whispers. (45.2,34.2k)
X: 59000 - Y: 10000 Aeddriel Swiftspear
Rally Master-High Elves Chapter 11-Grimwater. (59.1,9.6k)
X: 59000 - Y: 10000 Elithaen Leafwind
Kill Collector-High Elves Chapter 11-Grimwater. (59.1,9.6k)
Location Pocket Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 37000 - Y: 16000 More Filth for Me!
Kill Flithmiser (21 Champ) to get a Pocket Trinket. The trinket seems to have no use.
X: 40000 - Y: 40000 Loop Back
Kill the zombie mob named Rupert.
X: 45000 - Y: 35000 Bossy Beastie
The location really is 45,000 34,500. This was wierd I was in town and this mob named Khurraak Might-Horns attacked me and I got this beastiary unlock. Its a cape called Pelt of the Dark Young
Location Discovered By
X: 40000 - Y: 17000 Rotten Embrace
X: 51000 - Y: 21000 Falls of Renewal
X: 54000 - Y: 39000 Well of Whispers
Location Discovered By
X: 27000 - Y: 2000 Slash & Burn
X: 51000 - Y: 49000 Stormriver's End
X: 57000 - Y: 27000 Deathwind Pass
Location Discovered By
X: 30000 - Y: 18000 Ritual of Corruption
X: 38000 - Y: 46000 Corruption
X: 50000 - Y: 2000 The Shrieking Meadow
Location Title Unlock Discovered By
X: 33000 - Y: 49000 Champion of Morr
Unlock: Final Rest... Again Goal: Kill the lich Tarnolious the Lost (Rank 1 Hero) at 33k, 49k Avelorn.
X: 42000 - Y: 55000 Run, Don't Bawk
Kyera Autumnleaf gave the quest to go to T1 (Chrace) and scout
X: 43000 - Y: 44000 The Vale Walker
Interact with Dregenis, a treeman, to unlock this title. He's just off the road.
X: 44000 - Y: 44000 The Vale-Walker
Who Bears The Worldbearer? Talk to Dregenis.
X: 57000 - Y: 62000 The Bone Breaker
Kill a L27 Champ mob
X: 59000 - Y: 62000 Parts of Parts
Really located at 59500, 62500. Kill this champion skelton named Brulgulrach. After the kill you earn the title The Bone Breaker.
Location Tome Tactic Unlock Discovered By
X: 31000 - Y: 40000 Chip Off the Old...
Kill the dryad Oldbark. He roams around in a part of the forest that has a lot of spites and dryads to the E/SE of the Everspring PQ (DE side). Isn't a champion.
X: 62000 - Y: 14000 Pack of Three
He's in a cave on the far E wall and is a lvl23 champ, also two non-champ lvl 23 spiders come along for the fun.
Location Trophy Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 20000 - Y: 49000 Dispense Justice
Goremaw has also been confirmed to pop E of the DE camp, between it and the PQ "The Watchtower", amongst the trolls there.
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