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Baldur's Gate 3
Path of Exile 2
Albion Online
Deep Rock Galactic
Helldivers II
Camelot Unchained
Throne and Liberty
V Rising
Blood of Steel
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Chapter 8:
Conqueror's Blade (2019)
Chapter 7:
New World (2021)
Chapter 6:
World of Warcraft: Classic (2019)
Chapter 5:
Elder Scrolls Online (2014)
Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2 (2012)
Chapter 3:
RIFT (2011)
Chapter 2:
Warhammer Online (2008)
Chapter 1:
Dark Age of Camelot (2001)


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Join the Gaiscioch Commmunity in New World

Welcome warrior! For over two decades, our community has devoted itself to helping new player bases within MMORPGs. Through Guides, Livestreams, and 1-on-1 explanations we have built a reputation for being one of the most helpful communities in the MMO scene. In New World we seek to join forces with some of the most talented players to research and share our findings with everyone in the New World Community. If you too believe that Knowledge is useless unless shared, join us and explore Aeternum with us! Our community couldn't pass up the opportunity to launch on the Falias server as it was one of the four mythical islands the Tuatha de Danaan and Gaiscioch came from when they landed on the shores of Ireland. We chose to play on the Marauders faction so that we could keep our traditional green color. Since launch we've merged across several servers accumulating new friends along the way. Our community takes a benevolent approach to leadership by looking out for all players that call their land home. You can expect low taxes, little aggression, and a diplomacy first attitude. In the end our goal is to create a place where players of all skill levels can learn and grow.