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Lair Boss Guide

One of the most intricate parts of Warhammer Online is the Boss Lairs. Without much information these puzzles take complex thinking to solve. The reward for solving these puzzles is a fight to the death with one of the main bosses which typically leave behind great loot and experience.

Zone Location Unlock Discovered By
Avelorn 62000, 48000 Boss Lair: Lair of Elrin Helfried
Notes: Just North-East of Anulli Ruins. The way to gain access to this lair is a basic jumping trick. Wraith Rank 40 hero lair boss.
Barak Varr 1000, 21000 Boss Lair: Lair of Reaver
Notes: 'Karerg the Reaver' Level 40 Hero Ogre Tyrant. The entrance is a partially submerged cave behind some logs and rocks. He drops blue gloves.
Barak Varr 1540, 22120 Boss Lair: Lair of Reaver
Notes: Karerg the Reaver is in a cave to which you must swim. What appears to be the door is actually a false front. Jump down the cliff in front of the door, navigate behind the rocks and logs, and swim back to the cave entrance to find him. He is a level 40 champion and is not guarded, but do not let him pass you and get into the water or he resets.
Barak Varr 2000, 20000 Boss Lair: Lair of the Reaver
Notes: 'Karerg the Reaver' Rank 40 Ogre Tyrant Hero. The Lair is located in the small cove at the northern-most tip of the subzone Da Big Sand, to the northwest of the Greenskin Chapter 5 "Nogaz's Boyz". The entrance is a partially submerged cave behind some logs and rocks. Drops blue gloves.
Black Crag 61000, 10000 Boss Lair: Malachia's Lair
Black Fire Pass 3000, 24000 Boss Lair: Lair of the Shambler
Notes: 'Ulnac the Shambler' Rank 31 Bone Giant Hero.
Black Fire Pass 62000, 8000 Boss Lair: Lair of Ravack
Notes: 'Ravack' Rank 40 Wyvern Hero. North-East corner of Black Fire Pass, gain entrance by a jumping puzzle. Drops blue capes.
Caledor 34000, 36000 Boss Lair: Lair of Fesitt
Notes: Rank 40 Hero Rat Ogre. Tank and spank. Drops blue chest pieces.
Caledor 54000, 27000 Boss Lair: Lair of Xaphan of the Pyre
Notes: Six candles must be interacted with in various locations around the world to open this lair. The lair itself is at Caledor, near the Wrath's Resolve keep at 53.5k, 27k. According to the book in front of the door to the lair in Caledor, the candles are found in: The wooded lands of the wretched Elves (Avelorn 24k, 13k); The Land of the Reik (Reikland 38k, 11k); The Black Crag (Black Crag 40k, 15k); The northern reaches of the Empire (Nordland 39k, 46k); The Realm of the Ice Queen (Praag 20k, 18k); And deep within the Marshes where Madness reigns (Marshes of Madness 13k, 47k). Interacting with the book after you've lit all the candles opens up the door. Drops blue weapons(+Melee/Ranged/Magic power).
Chaos Wastes 36000, 6000 Boss Lair: Lair of Tezakk Gnawbone
Notes: 'Tezakk Gnawbone' Rank 40 Hero. Lair is found behind Chokethorn Bramble BO. Use the broken ruins behind the BO to get to the lair.
Chrace 19000, 63000 Boss Lair: Lair of Kelbrax
Notes: 'Kelbrax' Rank 40 Beastmen Bray Shaman Hero. A series of rocky outcrops form stepping stones that allow access to the lair's entrance.
Dragonwake 23000, 43000 Boss Lair: Lair of Gholnaros The Deathless
Notes: Collect 3 crystal 'Eyes' from Tier 4 Elf RVR zones(Red-Eataine, Green-Dragonwake, Blue-Caledor). Go to the lair locations to activate the pink orb near Pelgorath's Ember to summon him.
Ekrund 58000, 3000 Boss Lair: Lair Of The Bandit Queen
Notes: 'Renatta Betz' Rank 11 Banshee Hero. From the Stonemine Tower head NE along road. A road will lead up a hill to your left. Follow it until you reach the Lair Door. The door can also be opened by a Sorcerer or Sorceress. The player must remove any defensive buffs and armor to use backlash generating abilities until they die on the steps. Door will open upon their death. Sorcerer player can then be resurrected or run back really fast from reset location. She drops blue helms.
Ellyrion 54000, 42000 Boss Lair: Lair of Stinkfang
Notes: 'Stinkfang the Vomitous' Rank 40 River Troll Hero. This lair is located near High Elf chapter 9 and directly north of the small island in the river. The entrance is a partially submerged cave below a pile of rocks.
Kadrin Valley 3000, 32000 Boss Lair: Lair of the Fleshrender
Notes: 'Kyreia Sek' Rank 40 Daemonette of Slaanesh Hero. In the RvR lake, due west of Gromril Juction. It is hidden within the western mountains, above the train tunnel. Use three steam valves to open the lair, starting from the one being down the hill.
Kadrin Valley 63000, 53000 Boss Lair: Tomb of the Fallen Slayer
Notes: Just left of the door is a statue with a plunger. Interact with the plunger for a quest to open the doors.
Marshes of Madness 26000, 60000 Boss Lair: Lair of Old Oozeback
Notes: 'Old Oozeback' Level 40 Troll Hero. Must follow the swamp wall to this location. A jumping game is required to get into this tomb.
Mount Bloodhorn 53000, 45000 Boss Lair: Lair of Gutslime
Notes: 'Nerx Gutslime' Rank 40 Hero Night Goblin Shaman. Go to the back of the canyon where the Marghaz Bloodtoof Ritual PQ is. Gutslime's Lair is hidden within the eastern mountains. Look for a Grey Dwarf Statue near lair opening. Climb the plank and discover lair. Resists may help on this lair boss. Drops nice blue weapons.
Nordland 32000, 60000 Boss Lair: Lair of Morra
Notes: 'Morra' Rank 40 Hero Wolf. From the southeast of Nordland, near Salzenmund, start swimming southwest. Eventually you will come to an inlet with a waterfall. Climb up on the right hand bank, and carefully jump along the rocks to reach the cave behind the waterfall. Cave is full of Rank 39 wolf pups. The hero hits like a truck loaded full of cement, downhill. She drops blue boots.
Norsca 20000, 25000 Boss Lair: Lair of Silveroak
Notes: 'Silveroak' Rank 40 Hero Treekin. In this area, there will be a section of raised ground that you can only reach by going through a hollow log. On this high ground, walk out onto the dead tree that hangs over the edge. From the tree, hop down onto a tree stump. Carefully leapfrog between the nearby stumps, go up the branch on the last stump. The last jump may need to be done by jumping backwards. He drops blue chest pieces.
Norsca 26000, 61000 Boss Lair: Lair of Kamilla the Decayed (Traitor's Rest)
Notes: Found on Island Between Lost Lagoon and The Nordland XI. One of each race(Dwarf, Elf, Empire) needs to stand on the appropriate stones to open the door.
Ostland 7000, 62000 Boss Lair: Lair of the Defiler
Notes: 'Feculesh the Defiler' Rank 40 Great Unclean One Hero. Opening the lair requires visiting the opposing faction's capital city to find the grave unlock there, in addition to the other 13 graves. Once four players have the required grave unlocks, they simply activate the grave markers at once, opening the lair. Drop blue gloves.
Saphery 48000, 61000 Boss Lair: Lair of Lady Grimgyre
Notes: Find R40 Champion Sprite(Arixxis the Scout) and kill it. someone in your group should get a portal. Use it, teleport into boss lair.
Talabecland 44000, 64000 Boss Lair: Lair of the Bleakwing Matriarch
Notes: 'Bleakwing Matriarch' Rank 40 Griffon Hero. To access the lair, you must kill the Unguarded Griffon Eggs in the area until the Bleakwing Patriarch (a rank 40 Champion Griffon) comes down. Engage the patriarch in combat and when he is nearly dead he will use a Wing Buffet that knocks all nearby players onto the ledge of the lair.
The Badlands 24000, 61000 Boss Lair: Lair of Krela Darkshroud
Notes: Southeast of Goblin Artillery Range.
The Blighted Isle 34000, 18000 Boss Lair: Lair of Gorthlak
Notes: Rank 40 Hero Undead Orc.
The Blighted Isle 35000, 51000 Boss Lair: Lair of Lady Alisha
Notes: From the warcamp head west. theres a giant moon shapped mountain. It is at the bottom middle. Opening the door is another issue entirely
The Maw 40000, 54000 Boss Lair: Migliod's Menagerie
Notes: Several horns have been located around the world which are used to summon his beasts. 8 Rank 40 Heroes. Door 1. Graveshroud, Winged Nightmare. Summoned by the High Pass horn at 28150, 29900, hanging from a tree. Door 2. Traugonaith, Dragon. Summoned by the Norsca horn(61000, 36000) Spindekraken Cave. It's to the right in the first junction as you enter the cave, hanging in a gap in the rocks in the upper level. Door 3. Soarmange, Manticore. Summoned by the Reikland horn(23000, 46000) hanging inside a tent at the Runehammer Gunworks BO. Door 4. Hornblade, Rhinox. Summoned by the Praag horn(11000, 38000) in the beginning of the cave. Door 5. Offalgut the Hungry, Chaos Troll. Summoned by the Troll Country horn(54000, 37500) hanging from a bridge. Door 6. Ruggog, Chaos Giant. Summoned by the Nordland horn(51000, 56000) hanging from a house in the Salzenmund PQ(Destro Lower Right). Door 7. Warbragh, Dragon Ogre. Summoned by the Chrace horn(35000, 2000) hanging from a tree in the Plain of Bone(RvR area). Door 8 Rathrek, Hydra. Summoned by the Marshes of Madness horn(60000, 33000) hanging from the Tree of Beards PQ.
Troll Country 9000, 4000 Boss Lair: Lair of Metoh
Notes: 'Metoh' Rank 40 Yhetee Hero. Jump up the ice platforms, past Coldsnap(Rank 19 Champion Yhetee).
West Praag 29000, 42000 Boss Lair: Frostshard Prison
Notes: As you swim out, you will see a red beach on your right, door can be seen almost immediately after exiting water. Unknown how to make 8 heroes spawn.