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[DROPS] Rebel Camps w/ Gaiscioch
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West Praag

A selection of how-to guides, important locations, and other information about West Praag

How-to Guides:

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Locations of Interest:

Throughout West Praag there are dozens of tome unlocks, title unlocks, history & lore unlocks, and more. The index below lists all of the unlocks found by Gaiscioch members.

Location Boss Lair Discovered By
X: 29000 - Y: 42000 Frostshard Prison
As you swim out, you will see a red beach on your right, door can be seen almost immediately after exiting water. Unknown how to make 8 heroes spawn.
Location Pocket Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 46000 - Y: 5000 Cutting Bonds
First, find a "Mound of Dirt" in the Chaos Wastes and click on it to get a Sacrificial Kris(41400,15500) in the corner of a pair of walls in the ruins before a giant tower. Second, find the Daemonvine "Xavian's Pride"(Rank 36) around 47000,5300 in West Praag and kill it. This will provide the unlock and remove the Sacrificial Kris from your inventory. Note: May be broken, Sacrificial Kris isn't always needed.
X: 50000 - Y: 40000 Refined Taste
Kill Frost Growler in West Praag at coord 50k/40k they hang out on the ridge lines there. When a fine pelt drops take it to the merchant at chapter 16 hub in Reikland for the unlock. Item is Ascendant Verses which is collected at the Libarry in Altdorf.
Location Discovered By
X: 46000 - Y: 56000 Screaming Daemons
Location Discovered By
X: 52000 - Y: 31000 The Sundered Fortress
Location Discovered By
X: 45000 - Y: 36000 Unlikely Allies
6-9 players - normal rewards
Location Title Unlock Discovered By
X: 43000 - Y: 45000 The Unruly
Unlock: Good To The Last Drop Goal: Pick up some Noxious Ale near the herdstone on the west side of the river at 44300,45300. You will get the text: You quickly collect a sample of the strong smelling brew. Use the Noxious Ale in your inventory for the unlock.
X: 44000 - Y: 45000 The Unruly
"Good to the Last Drop" Sneak or kill your way into the Beastman camp at this location. Look near the herdstone for the Noxious Ale and pick it up. Use the Ale in your inventory for the unlock.
X: 60000 - Y: 25000 The Hobbyist
Click on the plunger between the tree and the ruined tower to get the title.
Location Tome Tactic Unlock Discovered By
X: 31000 - Y: 20000 Dog Gone Crazy
Kill one of three Lost Hounds (level 33)for unlock.
[DROPS] Rebel Camps w/ Gaiscioch
Conqueror's Blade     13
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