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Barak Varr

A selection of how-to guides, important locations, and other information about Barak Varr

How-to Guides:

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Locations of Interest:

Throughout Barak Varr there are dozens of tome unlocks, title unlocks, history & lore unlocks, and more. The index below lists all of the unlocks found by Gaiscioch members.

Location Discovered By
X: 15000 - Y: 33000 The Lighthouse
X: 36000 - Y: 29000 The Ironclad
Location History & Lore Discovered By
X: 6000 - Y: 26000 Size Matters
Walk by the non aggro hunting wolves behind the pillar
X: 6000 - Y: 45000 Long Drong and His Slayer Pirates
Look for a barrel of Rarest Ale floating near The Sea's Anvil, and interact with it for this unlock.
X: 16000 - Y: 27000 Greenskin Battle Barges
X: 25000 - Y: 22000 The Mysterious M.B. - M. B. Shipping Co.
The Mysterious M.B. - Part 6: Interact with the flasks located in a little crook between two stones on the beach. Get ready for a long swim on this one.
X: 25000 - Y: 22000 The Mysterious M.B. - The Mysterious M.B. (continued)
The Mysterious M.B. - Part 7: This Tome entry is unlocked by completing all 6 previous parts of the Mysterious M.B. Exploration Achievement.
X: 28000 - Y: 29000 Ironclads
Swim out to the sunken Ironclad, Unlocks when you climb on deck.
X: 30000 - Y: 33000 Waaagh! Magic
Click on the dead orc body
X: 35000 - Y: 35000 Leviathan
Search for a big skull near the coast. You'll get the unlock when near of it.
X: 36000 - Y: 45000 Sacred Oaths
Just run through the area
X: 48000 - Y: 25000 Overlook Bridge
Walk into the area
Location Discovered By
X: 31000 - Y: 36000 Dok Karaz
Location Boss Lair Discovered By
X: 1000 - Y: 21000 Lair of Reaver
'Karerg the Reaver' Level 40 Hero Ogre Tyrant. The entrance is a partially submerged cave behind some logs and rocks. He drops blue gloves.
X: 1540 - Y: 22120 Lair of Reaver
Karerg the Reaver is in a cave to which you must swim. What appears to be the door is actually a false front. Jump down the cliff in front of the door, navigate behind the rocks and logs, and swim back to the cave entrance to find him. He is a level 40 champion and is not guarded, but do not let him pass you and get into the water or he resets.
X: 2000 - Y: 20000 Lair of the Reaver
'Karerg the Reaver' Rank 40 Ogre Tyrant Hero. The Lair is located in the small cove at the northern-most tip of the subzone Da Big Sand, to the northwest of the Greenskin Chapter 5 "Nogaz's Boyz". The entrance is a partially submerged cave behind some logs and rocks. Drops blue gloves.
Location Noteworthy Person Discovered By
X: 28000 - Y: 46000 Farnir Goldpeak
Rally Master- Dwarf Chapter 7-Thane's Defence. (28,46k)
X: 29000 - Y: 46000 Elgaroth Karginson
Kill Collector - Dwarf Chapter 7-Thane's Defence. (29,46k)
X: 29000 - Y: 47000 Thane Karrasteel
Dwarf Chapter 7-Thane's Defence. (28,46k)
Location Pocket Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 31000 - Y: 36000 what do we have here? (rune priest)
Click on the scroll located near keep and the postern door
Location Discovered By
X: 59000 - Y: 45000 Gudrim's Veterans - Conflict
Location Discovered By
X: 37000 - Y: 57000 Bar Dawazbak - Conflict
Location Discovered By
X: 47000 - Y: 42000 Burn Rock Tower
X: 59000 - Y: 61000 Korgoth's Raiders
Location Title Unlock Discovered By
X: 10000 - Y: 47000 First of Many
Just speak with Kjaelsson for the unlock.
X: 11000 - Y: 47000 Doom Bringer
Talk to First Mate Kjaelsson on The Sea's Anvil (an ironclad)
X: 49000 - Y: 57000 The Crusher
Speak to the Lead Belcher, a bull ogre, to get this unlock.
X: 49000 - Y: 57000 The Crusher
Unlock: Loose-Lipped Goal: Speak to the ogre Lead Belcher, located at 49000,57000. Second Coordinates: 21000, 46000(Destro?)
Location Tome Tactic Unlock Discovered By
X: 7000 - Y: 27000 Poached
Go to 7.8k X 27k in Barak Varr, Just NW of the cave entrance, on the beach, near a big white dead branch.
X: 11000 - Y: 45000 Off With His..
Talk to the Captain inside the Sea Anvil for the Unlock.
X: 19000 - Y: 16000 Blood from a Stone
Kill "Stonescale" Rank 20 lizard. Not a Champ Mob.
X: 20000 - Y: 51000 Great Tusk
Vanquish this named mob near the (O) warcamp. There's a trench that runs S, get in and follow the trench till you get to a bridge. The boar lives under the bridge.
X: 48000 - Y: 77000 Avoid a Gory End
Max out the kill collector named Elagroth Karginson in Thane's Defense.