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Gaiscioch Policies

Like with any organization, the Gaiscioch have a few policies to handle the flow of members coming in and going out of the family.

Multi-Guild Membership

The Gaiscioch Family highly encourages it's members to participate in other guilds and their activities. Our family is community based and that reaches beyond our own circle. Any member that wants to place an alt in another guild or take their main into another guild will retain their membership and rank regardless of how long they are away. Once a member of the family always a member of the family unless they have been banished from the family. We have a strong belief that player satisfaction is more important than the tag above your head.

Guild & Voice Communication

The Gaiscioch Family is a world wide social gaming community which provides a family friendly environment for players of all ages to enjoy the games we play. To respect our families little eyes and ears we ask that all members keep public discussion in guild channels, alliance channels, public chat channels, and in voice services PG at all times. We have however made special adults only, mature, or pub channels for respectful adult conversation available in Discord. Be respectful and don't teach our little Gaiscioch Jr's a new vocabulary.

Retiring Inactive Characters

Due to size restrictions and complications with roster management the Gaiscioch has adopted a inactive character retirement policy. Retired characters will be removed from the active family roster in game with the understanding that as soon as the character returns they will be reinvited and restored to their original rank. We have limited space within our house and we do our best to keep room available for new members while always having a door open for returning members.

Please see the Chapter Overview Posts for details on these procedures:

Dismissal & Rule Enforcement Policy

The Gaiscioch Family reserves the right to terminate a players membership upon elder review of inappropriate action. Members found violating our credos, causing turmoil to our server community, harassing community members, being rude or disrespectful, or violating our blades out not in rule will be excused from the family permanently. We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior or indecency. This is a family friendly environment and we are here to serve the communities we are part of.

Participation in Focus Groups, Alpha/Beta/Core Tests, & Mindshares

The Gaiscioch has a strict ZERO tolerance policy in place for anyone that breaches NDA or discusses private information about an upcoming or in development title. As a Gaiscioch member you may be exposed to secret projects that nobody can know about. We typically label these as Pioneer Programs. We ask that even if the NDA says that you can share information that you please refrain from speaking about the things you are aiding developers in building. Please do not speak of anything you see, hear, or do in these opportunities. Members who leak information will be warned and added to the no fly list. Members who continuously leak information or refuse the guidance of our family eldership will be reported to the developer and removed from the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community entirely. Remember that we have a reputation to uphold and for us to be approached for opportunities we have to be a trustworthy community.


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