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Seaimpin de na Faolchu Buí


Seaimpin de na Faolchu Buí

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  • Guide:
    How-to see who's talking in vent while ingame. (Creating an overlay.)
    [This guide is for Rift.] If you can't keep up with memorizing who's voice belongs to who, there is a simple way to create a small window that sits on top of your game screen, called an overlay. 1. In vent, click the Setup button. 2. Click the Overlay tab...
  • Guide:
    How-to Get the Most Enjoyment Out of Family Events, and Help Out Your Raid
    [This guide is for Rift.] An event led by the Family is not just a few players (leaders) dragging everyone else along for the ride. A Gaiscioch public event is a cooperative effort by every single Gaiscioch member that participates. In order to ensure that everyone gets the most enjoyment out of a large-scale event, everyone has to play their part...
  • Guide:
    How-to Use the Guild Rally System (for porting guildmates)
    [This guide is for Rift.] If you want to port to where your guildmate is: During events the guild often will ask you to be ready to be summoned to a location. This is how you prepare for that, so you won't miss the short time you have to port once your guildmate uses the skill to summon you...
  • Guide:
    How to disable pvp for a pve-only game experience. Also if your raid leader asks you to.
    [This guide is for Rift.] Some of you never want to pvp, ever. Sometimes you only want to pvp when you feel like it. That is perfectly alright and the devs have given you the tools to make that a reality. Sometimes the raid leader will ask you to disable your pvp auto-flag...
  • Guide:
    How-to assist / focus fire / target through another player in raids and groups
    [This guide is for Rift.] Often in raids you will hear the raid leader instruct you to: focus fire through a certain player assist a certain player target through a certain player All of these can be done in the same way, for they are the same thing...