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Ban Curadh de na Faolchu Donn


Ban Curadh de na Faolchu Donn

Ezsme's Blog

August 14th, 2020

Gold on the Ice

“Get out of the way, Elke.”

The tall Nord growled at his sister. He stood in the doorway holding the limp body of an unconscious Altmer girl.

“Is she all right?” Elke motioned to the bed, where she pulled back the covers. Bjarn gently laid the girl down and covered her with the heavy furs. “Bjarn?”

“I don’t know, Elke.” The words came out more harshly than he intended. “I’m sorry, Skatt , just get me some cold water.” Bjarn turned his attentions back to the young Altmer on the bed. “Nia. Aslenia, wake up.” He shook her slightly.

“What happened?” Elke tried to keep calm.

“I need to wake her up. I need to see if she’s still…herself.” Bjarn shook the girl again, more briskly this time…more desperate. “Nia!”

“What do you mean? Bjarn, what happened?” Elke, pleaded. She sat on the stool near the bed and placed a cool, damp cloth on her friend’s forehead. The Altmer’s skin was sallow, with a yellow tinge; not the rich, almost luminescent gold Elke was used to seeing...

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