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Looking to do some RP

Posted On: 12/11/2012 at 09:58 PM

I have heard some people do RP and I have had a long history of RP in games like Lotro to Swtor. I have a Charr named Little Buddy.

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Ban Fili de na Griobhta Dearg
Ban Fili de na Griobhta Dearg
  • GW2: Briseadh.7386
Replied On: 12/12/2012 at 08:30 AM PST
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I RP as well, but can't say I schedule anything. If I'm on and people want to RP and if I'm not already mixed in another event of some sort (mostly always Gaiscioch ones), I'll gladly come along for the fun. Daeneara (probably spelt it wrong) is always in RP mode when on. ::chuckles:: She is fun to hang with and we were messing around with a crew of us at her short 101 class Monday night. I like random RP as well, but don't seem to get it into it often enough with GW2. I know I helped run and then was lead of an RP guild in Warhammer. RP'd a whole raid on a castle to run off and take a brewery to get a dwarf a drink. Clanorton and I will probably remember this for ages. ::laughs:: Of course, we NEVER did this when helping Fog lead RvR there unless it fit with his plan. ;) Think it's time to try just throwing out random RP more often like I used to in Warhammer. side note: Human's should never offer a breath mint to a Charr.

Don't mess with Mama Bear, I might hug you too tight. =D
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