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Cobbe's Journal

Muintir de na Fhiaigh
Muintir de na Fhiaigh
Posted On: 08/27/2012 at 10:21 AM

Greetings Reader, I am Cobbe an Engineer with the College of Dynamics, I will not bother trying to teach you my proper name as I never answer to it and it has not been spoken since I was very young. Cobbe will do well enough to get my attention.

I have been working with my krewe on finalizing a new golem that is far superior than anything that has been seen by sentient beings to date. The Massively Impressive Golem, or MIG, interfaces seamlessly with its operator and is sure to win one of us the Snaff Prize Savant title. Doxa is going to operate the machine, there isn’t another asura that has her talent for golem interfacing. Her skills give us a sizeable advantage over the other krewes, one that even Kazz can’t mess up. I am going to finish tuning the dampeners and grab a quick meal. Will write more later.


The contest is tomorrow. All field testing has been completed with impressive results. Doxa has pushed the MIG beyond expected operational parameters at less than eighty five percent of the expected stresses. There is not another golem is going to be able to touch us. It is odd that I cannot seem to fall asleep though.


Oh most repellent of days! Many krewe were on display before our slot and it was simply astounding how rudimentary the golems they displayed were. Our time finally came and I was surprised that our golem was nonoperational!! Ah, Kazz apparently had forgotten his only assignment today so I was tasked to run back to the lab and retrieve the necessary pieces that he had forgotten. I am saving my journal entry and will update you on how well the day finishes after the contest is over! Excelsior!

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Ban Fine de na Faolchu
Ban Fine de na Faolchu
  • GW2: Avarycce.9841
Replied On: 01/05/2013 at 09:13 PM PST

How did the contest turn out? Did your golem perform as well as expected?

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