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Crowd Control (CC) - a bit of a guide

Caomhnoir de na Capall Donn
Caomhnoir de na Capall Donn
  • GW2: chatiss.3281
Posted On: 11/29/2019 at 11:49 AM
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First off, this in NOT the be all and the end all of CC information.  My aim is to inject a bit of curiosity so you can do some educated searching and enjoy what that will produce for you.

Control effects, also known as Crowd control (CC) or disables, are a set of effects that temporarily prevent actions or movement and disable all skills for the effect's duration. All control effects will interrupt the target. The boon Stability provides immunity against control effects and some utility skills have the ability to break stuns and other control effects listed here is where they are for description purposes.   (

“It’s all Greek to me” but hey, read on.  It does get better.

According to GW2’s wiki, CC “are a set of effects that temporarily prevent actions or movement and disable all skills for the effect’s duration”.  In raids, CC has a greater role because it is commonly tied to Defiance Bars (aka break bars or CC bars). 

Some enemies possess the Defiance bar (click on that link) that renders them immune to the effects of both control and "Soft CC" conditions. This Defiance Bar is a special mechanic that makes certain enemies immune to CC effects, and in order to interrupt them or to have negative effects on these foes; players will have to break their defiance bar whenever possible.

Some enemies can be immune to CC despite not having a break bar - that is common inside raids. The Defiance Bar is located right beneath an enemy’s health bar, and it has three distinctive ways to show itself. In the pictures in the link, you can learn more about each state of the break bars:

  • Locked: While in this state, you cannot damage the Defiance Bar and the enemy will be immune to all CC effects.
  • Unlocked: while in this state it is possible to damage the break bar by using skills that cause CC effects.
  • Broken: this state means the bar was recently broken and it is currently recharging. While it recharges the enemy is also immune to CC effects.

CC effects can be divided into two types: hard CC and soft CC.  

  • Hard CC are abilities or conditions that cause flat damage to the defiance bar, disabling the foe completely. They are: daze, float, knockback, launch, pull, sink, stun, fear and taunt. Think of them as physical damage against the defiance bar.
  • Soft CC are abilities or conditions that cause damage-over-time (DoT) to the defiance bar, affecting the enemy with less impactful effects. They are: blind, chill, cripple, immobilize, slow and weakness. Think of these effects as condition damage to the bar.

For raid purposes, CC is needed against some bosses, while others do not have any CC mechanic. For those who do require CC, it must happen as fast as possible, and failing to do so will jeopardize the group. Some bosses have less dangerous results in case of CC failure. 

Like DPS, every squad member that has CC skills available should help with it, and it is a good idea to coordinate with your teammates the usage of such skills.

This "guide" is, in part, from Wiki (there is a TON of info in Wiki - so much info so little time to play), in part from the depths of my mind (based on lots of failures and some wins), and in part, from the Happy Raiders Kit Written by Tevatron.8217, and by members of the Raiders in Training channel

I hope it helps a bit in your quest for fun and expanded experiences.  As always, your feedback is important.  Please let me know if you need more, less, or whatever.  Cheers and happy CC'ing  CJ

Last Edited on: 12/08/2019 at 05:40 PM
C J Dougherty
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