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Nightblade Healer

Caomhnoir de na Iomproidh Donn
Caomhnoir de na Iomproidh Donn
  • ESO: @Holyheart2012
Posted On: 06/07/2016 at 04:00 PM
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Nightblade Healer


                Strong heals

                Good regen

                Stacking heals

                Providing damage while healing



Champion point:               501

Attribute points:               64 Magicka

Mundus:                           Atronach

Food:                                Blue HP stat and Magicka Regen food (Orzorga’s Red Frothgar)



                                Steed                    0

                                Lady                       128

                                                Hardy                             27

                                                Elemental Defender        73

                                                Thick Skinned                 28

                                Lord                       39

                                                Quick Recovery               39


                                Tower                   67

                                                Magician                         67

                                Lover                    100

                                                Arcanist                          100

                                Shadow                0


                                Apprentice         167

                                                Elemental Expert             100

                                                Blessed                            27

                                                Elfborn                             40

                                Atronach              0

                                Ritual                   0


Race is dependent on preference of the player. All races can be used as a healer, but my preference for a healer role is High Elf or Breton for the racial magicka gain, regen, and spell reduction possibility. If you decide you want to be a vampire, keep it at Vampirism rank 2, so that you maintain the extra regen and do not take full extra fire damage. In addition, you may want to consider the Dark Elf race for the passive fire resistance.


Gear: Five light, one heavy, and one medium to maximize stats, with the undaunted passives. All armor glyphs are purple magicka glyphs, also all traits are divine. Jewelry will have spell power Enchantment on each. Weapons I use precise for critical values with Absorb Magicka enchantments.

Helm/Shoulder set is Bogdan the Nightflame. When the totem procs, the healing it provides is substantial. The more healings you have occurring, the more likely the set will proc the totem. This build is not critical focused, but the precise on weapons, is to help improve the chance of critical heals. I use Kagrenac’s Hope for my main set, to provide me with a little more health, the increased spell damage and increased resurrect speed.


Sets used:

Bogdan                            2/2

Kagrenac’s Hope               5/5

Willpower                         3/3


Skills can always be altered for the situation.

Current skill choices:

Bar 1

1)            Healing Springs – provides large area heals that can be stacked and some magkica return per member it hits up to 3 members

2)            Sapp Essence – provides area of effect damage when stuff is gathered in a group, in addition each ally and yourself is healed for a flat amount plus 20% more for each enemy hit. Inflicting damage on anything with this    

               skill provides you with +20% spell and weapon damage for 20 seconds.

3)            Funnel Health – provides decent damage at low cost, the damage inflicted determines how strong the heal over time to the caster and one other ally is for the next 10 seconds.

4)            Siphoning Attacks – buff to help maintain resources when you are attacking.

5)            Merciless Resolve – provides minor beserk, which gives 8% increase in damage for 20 seconds. Passively if you do 4 light/heavy attacks the skill changes for you to get a free high damage skill for one use, that can slow

                the target for a short period of time.

Ultimate – Soul Harvest – primary use is for an ultimate regenerator as things die.

Bar 2

1)            Impale – execute that is used at range.

2)            Force Pulse –Force pulse is a better choice if you are able to attack more often in combination with Elemental weakness for magicka returns.

3)            Refreshing Path – provides modest heals over time, while a friendly member is in the area of effect, it also causes damage to non-friendly. The caster will can 30% movement for a short period of time after casting.

4)            Elemental Weakness – provides you and the party magkica returns when elemental damage is inflicted. Additionally, it reduces spell resistance of the target by ~5200.

5)            Shadow Image – provides a range attacking clone, that dose some damage, but it also inflicts Minor Maim, which is 15% less damage for 4 seconds. If needed, it can be used as an escape from area of effect, if placed in

               one location and you move to another.

Ultimate – Veil of Blades or Shooting Star – Shooting star provides good damage and knock down for non-bosses, it also can return up to 12 ultimate per target hit by this skill. Veil provides comparable damage to Shooting Star, it also reduces non-friendly movement, dose damage to anything in the zone, and reduces all incoming damage by 30%. Lastly, it allows allies to use the synergy to gain invisibility, movement, and healing them over time.


Approxamte stats:

                                                               With food                                            Without food

HP                                                          ~22,000-23,000                                   ~17,500

Stamina                                                  ~10,000                                               ~10,000

Magicka                                                   ~28, 000 - 29,000                                ~28,000 - 29,000

Spell Resistance                                       ~15,000                                                ~14,000

Physical Resistance                                  ~9,000                                                  ~9,000

Magicka Regen                                        ~2100 - 2300                                        ~1600


Passive abilities:


                Master Assassin 2/2

                Executioner 2/2

                Pressure Points 2/2

                Hemorrhage 2/2


                Refreshing Shadows 2/2

                Shadow Barrier 2/2

                Dark Vigor 2/2

                Dark Veil 2/2


                Catalyst 2/2

                Magicka Flood 2/2

                Soul Siphoner 2/2

                Transfer 2/2

Destruction Staff

                Tri Focus 2/2

                Penetrating Magic 2/2

                Elemental Force 2/2

                Ancient Knowledge 2/2

                Destruction Expert 2/2

Restoration Staff

                Essence Drain 2/2

                Restoration Expert 2/2

                Cycle of Life 2/2

                Absorb 2/2

                Restoration Master 2/2

Light Armor

                Evocation 3/3

                Recovery 2/2

                Spell Warding 2/2

                Prodigy 2/2

                Concentration 2/2

Medium Armor

                Wind Walker 2/2

                Improved Sneak 2/2

                Athletics 2/2

Heavy Armor

                Resolve 3/3

                Constitution 2/2

                Juggernaut 2/2

Fighters Guild

                Banish the Wicked 3/3

Mages Guild

                Mage Adept 2/2

                Everlasting Magic 2/2

                Magicka Controller 2/2

                Might of the Guild 2/2


                Undaunted Command 2/2

                Undaunted Mettle 2/2

Racial passives – all


                Medicinal Use 3/3

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