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"The Name of the Wind", by Patrick Ruthfuss

Saighdiuir de na Faolchu
Saighdiuir de na Faolchu
Posted On: 06/01/2013 at 01:48 AM

As we have a good place to talk about books I thought I would open this thread and share a few thoughts.

First thought is that Patrick Ruthfuss is going to be a giant in this genre as Robert Jordan was. I don't say this lightly. I am a huge fan of Robert Jordan. 

Patrick Ruthfuss is the best story teller I have ever read. The book reads so smoothly. The story engrossing. The magic system unique and engrossing, bringing enough science into it to make it a little more realistic. The most amazing thing about Patrick Ruthfuss work is it is told in first person, and the main character drives the story. You will love the main character, he comes to life very quickly as he tells his story in the first person.

 Every fantasy I have read takes a third person point of view. Patrick Ruthfuss uses a first person point of view and still manages to keep the grandeur and debth of story and characters that is so difficult to do with that style of writing. He does it masterfully in my opnion. If you haven't read it, I highly reccomend it.

Patrick is currently finishing up his third installment into this series. It takes a while for him to write each book. But I'm glad he takes his time. He brings to the table a very polished product that will stand the test of time.  I can't hardly wait for his next book to come out.

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Ridire de na Iomproidh
Ridire de na Iomproidh
Replied On: 06/01/2013 at 06:40 AM PDT

:)))) Cliff I love the two books he wrote. They are amazing and the style is one that puts you right on Kvothe's shoulder to see what is going on. In just two books he has created a world that allows the mind to explore and want to know more...the story is so rich that prequels MUST be written because i want more back story about the world that Kvothe's story takes place in. There are some great characters in these books and I see a bright future in this particular story telling world. I seriously can't say enough good things about these books. I love how he has made the "main villians" into "that which goes bump in the night" and yet still peppers the story with minor villians (ambrose, etc). He has to chase them down..not only them but he has to chase down every "rumor" of them...the whole time while keeping it a secret because people would think he is crazy for believing in the "boogeyman" It truly is great.

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Saighdiuir de na Faolchu
Saighdiuir de na Faolchu
Replied On: 06/01/2013 at 08:26 PM PDT

I'm smiling reading your love of this series. It has yet to truly catch on yet. And the things you highlight with Kvothe's and how it contains so much that grips you and doesn't let you go for a moment. There doesn't seem to be any lull in the book...never once. Maybe when it pops back into third person, but even that is intresting. Why has he turned out the way he has if he was so amazing in his past? So no matter how awesome his past is, he was defeated somehow. He was beat up real bad by something or someone. So you can read his amazing exploits and know no matter how many times he overcomes his difficulties something does get him, setting up a comeback in a second triliogy maybe. However it plays out...the story telling is the best I have read so far of any genre. I can not out guess the story. It is not written as to predict how things will turn out. Kind of like George Martin. Who knows how things will turn out. All we know for sure is Kvothe's is alive living a double life as an Inn Keeper. Kvothe's past and his secrets, his cultivating his legacy and reputation, it all is so intriguing that when I put the book down it keeps playing in my mind. Truly a masters work by Patrick Ruthfuss.

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