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Using The Discovery System

By: Foghladha

The Discovery System is built to allow you to log important coordinates for other members and players to find. They can range from Artifacts or Collectibles, to crafting node locations, to secret easter eggs you find throughout the world. This brief tutorial will show you how to take down locations and enter them into the system.

How to Find your coordinates

  1. Log into Rift: Planes of Telara
  2. Find a discovery to log: Artifacts, Title Unlocks, Crafting Nodes, Collectible Items, Rare Creatures or other Location based discovery nodes of interest.
  3. Stand on the location you wish to use
  4. Type: /loc in the chat window
  5. You will see 3 sets of numbers appear: x z y
  6. The first is the X Coordinate. Write this one down.
  7. The 3rd and Final is the Y Coordinate. Write this one down.
  8. You will not need the beef in this burger so toss away the Z Coordinate in the middle.
  9. When you pick up the item, write down the name that appears in your chat window.
  10. If it is an artifact, make note of the collection it belongs to and which number in the set it belongs to. eg. 1 of 6.
  11. Now your ready to log the Coordinate!

You should have this written down:
Name: The Name of the Item You Discovered
Location: Zone / X Coordinate / Y Coordinate
Collection: Name of the Collection it belongs to
Set Number: (Place in Set) of (Total in Set)

How to Log a Coordinate

  1. Log into the Gaiscioch Family Site
  2. Click on the "Explore" button on your mini profile
  3. If the game menu pops up select the game you wish to enter a discovery for. For today's demo we'll use Rift: Planes of Telara.
  4. Choose a "Type" in the drop down list.
  5. Select the "Zone" for your discovery.
  6. Enter the X (Horizontal East/West) Coordinate. This will be the first set of numbers
  7. Enter the Y (Vertical North/South) Coordinate

  8. Use the "Known Discoveries" drop down to try to find the item you've discovered.
  9. If it is not in the drop down list then "Enter a New Discovery"
  10. IF you found an Artifact, Choose a "Collection Name" in the drop down list
  11. Enter the Set Number you wrote down in "Item Number"
  12. IF you found a Creature of interest, Choose a "Creature Type".
  13. Optionally If there was some sort of challenge or some note that would help people find the location your logging enter notes in the "How to obtain" field.
  14. Click "Submit"
  15. Now your Discovery has been logged and will be approved in a few days. Once it's approved it will show in the Gaiscioch Guides section for the zone your discovery was found in.