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The Woes Of The Lonely Veteran

By: TernieLaBiscuit

So, I finished the entirety of the story line. Now the level cap is set to VR14. Craglorn is basically the only thing besides AvA that I can do, and no one holds AvA events during normal, working American hours. Unless there are more Craglorn runs or more Vet AvA events, I don't see myself continuing in this guild, or the game for that matter. I'm also just about done with all the titled achievements (short of AvA) so there's not much left for me to accomplish, except for in Craglorn, and you can't go there alone.

I had so much hope in playing this game long term, but it's beginning to be more of a hassle than a fun experience, because once you finish the solo story, there's nothing left to do. Sure, you could tell me to go fishing or work on my enchanting, but basically that's it. M'aiq is never where he's supposed to be, nor are the Lightbringer areas, Crime bosses you extort are rarely in their places, and I can't find enough Atronachs to finish my Monster Hunter achievement.

Oh, and let's not forget that new trait that was recently added to research. Except you can only get weapons of that trait in CRAGLORN. I mean, come on now, this is getting stupid. And I bet it'll take 50+ days to research that trait.

I won't even go on about the numerous bugs in the game that still haven't been addressed. This game, more and more, has become a chore rather than an escape from reality. My subscription expires in about 20 days. We'll see how those next few days go and if I'm interested in renewing after that.