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The Maw Lair - Migliod's Menagerie

By: Dodh

Migliod's Menagerie is a lair in The Maw, the zone/fortress north of the Chaos Wastes. If you look at your map of The Maw, to the east of the fortress itself is a dotted-line path leading roughly northeast into nothing. That nothing is Migliod's Menagerie.

To get there, fly to the Chaos Wastes warcamp and head west into the RvR lake, then head north. Go around the
north keep and continue heading north, roughly between the keep and Chokethorn Bramble battlefield objective. The
topography in the Chaos Wastes is pretty weird, but eventually you should come to a path that winds through a
little valley that zigzags northeast. Following this path should get you in sight of a Chaos tower with big
rocks around it. The tower is the center of the lair, and in a circle around it are eight doors that go into the

The eight bosses to this lair spawn right outside the eight doors. To spawn them, you have to interact with
'Rider's Horn's, 8 different objects scattered around the world. They look like hunting horns hanging from a
string. Each horn spawns a particular boss when used, also the horn will disappear in a red-fire effect and you
will get a message saying 'Something in the world has changed' in that far-right tab of your chat window that you
never look at. If a lair boss has recently been killed, no new lair bosses will respawn when horns are used.

I will write what I know of each boss, how to spawn them, kill them, and take their stuff. All bosses at the
menagerie are r40 Heros who drop 1-3 pieces of loot, although getting 3 pieces is quite rare. All loot dropped
is r39 rare (blue) and bind on equip, except where noted.

-Offalgut the Hungry, Chaos Troll

Poor Offalgut. He is so hungry he does not even have the will to fight. Seriously, as of this writing this boss is
bugged and will not fight back if you attack him. I killed him in a group and solo and he did nothing at all.

Offalgut drops belts named "... of Hunger". These belts give +1% reduced armor penetration, in
addition to stats and resistances.

The horn that spawns Offalgut is hanging from the southeast corner of the bridge at 54000, 37500 in Troll
Country. It's northeast from the warcamp, there should be a river troll hiding in the water near the bridge (killing
the river troll gives you an unlock by the way.) If you don't see the horn as you cross the bridge going east, turn
around. Facing west, the horn is visible on the left corner, hanging from the tollbooth-looking thing.

-Ruggog, Chaos Giant

Ruggog hits hard and loves to disable the main tank, then turn around and squish healers and RDPS. So make sure
you have an off-tank ready to grab aggro. He's got a front-arc AoE and throws an ailment around called Crippling
Bellow which slows your attack speed by 50%. Everybody but the main tank should stay behind him.

You get weapons from Ruggog, named "Ruggog's ...". These weapons give +3% crit for one-handers, and +6% crit for
two-handers. Not quite as good as the crit weapons from Bastion Stair, but these are bind on equip.

He drops a rapier that isn't flagged for Witch Hunter use only, just Empire. So all you Knights of the Blazing
Sun can challenge people to duels.

To spawn Ruggog use the horn hanging from the building at 51000, 56000 in Nordland. It's in Salzenmund, the
Empire city/destro PQ in the southeast corner of the map. The horn is hanging from a wooden beam sticking out
of the building, roughly at eye level.

-Warbragh, Dragon Ogre

Warbragh hits quite hard, and does an AoE disable that will make tanks lose aggro until they can move again.
You're probably going to want two tanks and/or two healers. Not only does he disable the tank but he can kill
quick if he crits a few times.

This boss drops jewelry pieces named "Warbragh's ...", which increase Morale regen and lower/raise hate/threat.

Warbragh's hunting horn is hanging from a tree on a small hill at 35000, 2000 in Chrace. This happens to be the
middle of the RvR lake, so you might want to use a low rank alt to do this one unless you want to risk being
destro' fried chicken.

-Graveshroud, Winged Nightmare

Graveshroud is pretty basic, except he has the potential to shell out a lot of damage as he hits hard and throws a
mean DoT ailment around. He doesn't appear to have any special tricks aside from doing a lot of damage.
If you have an off-tank and decent heals you shouldn't have problems.

Graveshroud drops chest armor, "Graveshroud ...". This armor is r36 and also Bind on Pickup, unlike loot from the
other 7 bosses. These armor pieces increase Ap regen, but they're still pretty weak compared
to Annihilator gear. You might want someone in your group with Magical Salvaging who can smash this into parts for
nice talis.

The horn to spawn Graveshroud is hanging from a tree in High Pass at 28150, 29900. It's surrounded by Yhetees.
There's not really an easy way to get there from the Order warcamp, you can go west on the road, then turn sharp
northeast up the trail that heads to the Temple of Change public quest. From Temple of Change go north downhill
until you're surrounded by Yhetees. Then think about if this was worth it for r36 BoP armor that's not as good as
Annihilator gear.

-Soarmange, Manticore

Soarmange is very basic, he doesn't hit very hard and his only real trick is an AoE knockback. He can put a DoT
ailment on you but even with this he shouldn't be a problem.

Soarmange drops blue BoE cloaks, "Soarmange ..." Some very nice pieces that increase your chance to defend attacks
and reduce enemy defense chances.

The horn to spawn Soarmange is hanging inside one of the dwarf tents at the Runehammer Gunworks BO in the
Reikland RvR lake, coordinates 23000, 46000.

-Traugonaith, Dragon

Traugonaith has a knockback attack, and also throws around a lot of Elemental damage. He has a DoT that does
Elemental damage as well as a Frontal AoE Elemental attack, which I'm pretty sure he's using when he opens his
mouth (breath weapon).

Traugonaith drops gloves, "Traugonaith's ..." These give stats and +2% to Block, Dodge, Parry or Disrupt.

Traugonaith's horn is hanging from the roof of a cave called Spindekraken in Norsca at 61000, 36000. It's just
inside the cave a little to the left after you first enter.

-Hornblade, Rhinox

Hornblade has a knockdown attack that makes you lose aggro, sometimes even after you get up again so keep yer Taunts
handy. He has a short knockback also but doesn't hit as hard as a lot of the other bosses.

Hornblade drops boots, "Hornblade ..." Like Traugonaith's loot, these give stats and +2% to Block, Dodge, Parry
or Disrupt.

Hornblade's, err, horn is hanging at the beginning of the cave in Praag at 11000, 38000.

-Rathrek, Hydra

Rathrek throws a lot of damage around. He's also quite tough. That being said he doesn't really have any special
tricks. He does have a lot of attacks and thus can crit your tank down quite easily.

Rathrek drops r39 blue helms, "Rathrek's ...". These helms all give +3% reduction to being critically hit in
addition to stats.

To spawn Rathrek use the horn hanging from the Tree of Beards at 60000, 33500 in Marshes of Madness. The Tree of
Beards is in the middle of the PQ also called Tree of Beards. The horn is easy to spot as it is low on the tree,
you will probably have to fight through some goblins to get to it though.