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Quite The Productive Day....

By: TernieLaBiscuit

So, today, I finally reached VR14. I didn't look back to see when I hit VR13, but I know it's been a stretch. I wasn't really trying hard or grinding to get to VR14, I was trying to enjoy the game as a whole, try new things, etc.

Having said that, I also leveled to 50 in Enchanting and 50 in Resto Staff today as well. Like the title says -- productive day.

After I reached VR14, I made myself new armor. One major problem I have with the game is that, it seems when you craft your armor/weapon, and you have enough items to upgrade to 100%, that the item should upgrade and not fail at that level. I ended up having to recraft 4 pieces of armor because they all failed when I got to grain solvent (purple) and it takes quite a few of those to upgrade a piece. So I have 2 pieces of armor that are only blue for now, because of the failed pieces. BOOOOOOOOOO

My goal now is to work on Undaunted, Two Handed and Sword and Shield. These are my last 3 skills that are not level 50 (or top level in the case of Undaunted). My Alliance War skill is also not at top level, but I haven't been playing AvA enough to even work on it, so I don't really count it, either.

My next achievement is to finish killing enough Atronachs to get my Monster Hunter title. I've been doing random Spellscar runs in Craglorn, and that seems to get a lot of Atronachs, minus the Flesh Atronachs. But, considering I also need to beat about another 100 Dolmens to get that achievement as well, I'll be doing that at some point.

So far, my biggest beef (minus the armor/weapon upgrades) is with the crafting writs. It irritates me that you end up using more materials to make the stuff for the writs, and you don't get nearly enough in return. The trade off is horrible. And not to mention that the surveys were supposed to be a way to get nirnhoned items and fortified nirncrux, and I have yet to see ANY of that. It's turned out to be a complete joke, and I'm only doing the Enchanting and Alchemist writs at the present time.