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ORvR Leadership Series: Weapons Of WAR Part 2: Greed, Destroyer Of Societies

By: Foghladha

From the time were born to the time we die there is one thing that drives human kind... Acceptance. A child looks to his parents for acceptance in the form of love and nurturing. A student looks to his peers for acceptance. A professional looks to his industry for acceptance through through their success. Lastly the elderly look for acceptance into the afterlife. No matter the stage of life the one think all people seek is acceptance.

Now for some being accepted means having the best toys, the most money and the most fame. For some its being the outspoken one being brave enough to say whats on their mind regardless of the consequence. In traditional MMO's you will find the biggest form of acceptance that controls the majority of the populous is in the form of Experience, Renown, Influence, Loot, or Gold. A typical player in the game is chasing numbers. They often forget to look beyond the foreseeable future for the long term goal. This is your exploit. The jinx in your enemies armor.

You probably have been with a group that for whatever reason will not leave a keep they defended because of the defense tick, or will leave a zone if it's close to locking because they fear missing the lock. After all missing out on the reward is hindering to their personal perception of success in the game. Greed controls troops on the battlefield. To win the war typically you have to turn a blind eye to reward.

If you find yourself out matched and out gunned you can use greed to strike your opponent where it hurts most. Attack a keep and break a door down, then leave the zone and hit another keep. For 10 minutes the enemy public force will lose at least 50% of it's people to greed thus thinning their force out into more manageable numbers. This is unavoidable and can be counted on every time. If you cap and run from a battlefield objective you can draw they starving enemy forces to a location on one end of the map in mass quantities as they all want the tick from that objective. This often times will leave another objective open and with minimal defense.

With the application of Greed Warfare you can also tear an armies morale apart. Learning to strike and move you can overwhelm unsuspecting forces and take a battlefield objective with very little time left on the clock. One tick causes a 30 minute delay in a zone lock. Two ticks causes a 45 minute delay. This almost always will cause enraged troops to leave the field early and give up.

Learn to strike and move leaving behind a train of pennies for the greedy to chase. In the end you will be able to control your foes and have them follow your lead thus orchestrating the battlefield to your design. No army is free of greed it is the one weapon that can destroy a force and instill distension of the enemy forces. Mastering Greed Warfare will take some work and will prove more valuable to smaller more united forces. Greed kills and will be the death of any society that allows it to dictate it's actions.

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