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ORvR Leadership Series: Commanding The Public Group (PuG) Part 3: Thinking In Multiple

By: Foghladha

The biggest misconception with Public Groups is that they lack organization and unity. Typically this is assumed and is largely due to the frequent lack of leadership in the battlefield. Taking your 24 man enterprise warband and turning it into a 100+ man warforce is no easy task. Without help you will suffer from some of the age old problems that so many PuG herders before you have fallen victim too.

1. Un-Unified Leadership
With each warband being led by someone you don't know and have no lasting relationship with you never know if they will have your back. Often times when you need them the most they wont be there for you. Your idea of where to attack first wont be theirs. Each warlord will think their way is the best way and nobody will get anything done because each of the warbands are doing their own thing.

2. Bad Communication
The warbands will be relatively clueless to what''s going on in each others warbands or even what their doing and when. Without a channel of communication coordinating your war effort will be like trying to change the weather. No matter how much you yell and scream nobodies listening.

3. Unbalanced Warparties
Sometimes you'll end up with a full warband of RDPS sometimes you'll get 14 healers. Without communication with the other warbands you will have totally unbalanced groups and never have what you need to stand strong.

4. Animosity
Each of the warbands has their own idea of how things are going down. Each of them will try to do it their way. And each of them will be angry when you don't listen. This causes a friction on your own side which eventually will cause a rift in your warforce.

Now all of these things can be avoided. In the early days of the Gaisicoch on Phoenix Throne we came up with an idea that we labeled the "Trinity". Originally starting as 3 warbands and as we moved to Badlands quickly became 5. The Trinity is essentially our 1 warband of alliance, guild, and people we can trust mostly on ventrilo or some other form of voice communication. Before we form up we make macros to declare the warband leaders. We start with 6 people mostly on voice communication in each warband.

As you begin to grow break off another warband and throw group 4 from each warband into it. Thus making your force a 4 warbands of 18. The key is to never allow your warbands to fill. As soon as it looks like it's going to break off another one. Pass your participants around. If you have to many tanks pass them to one of your leads that don''t have any. Same with healers and DPS. This way you can balance the warforce sustain absolute control over all public war parties in the lake and maintain a controlled environment. At this point your secondary leaders only need to relay orders to their warbands.

You will find yourself with a Unified Balanced Warforce that shares in victories and has all the communication they need to succeed. This takes the element of un-organization out of your weakness list. In the end you will find yourself with a much happier warforce and you will also find it's a whole lot easier to lead when you have some trusty friends at your back.

Always remember, never let your warbands fill. Always have 1 open for new people to join. Your victories will bring more and more to the field and they will need a group to play with. Just keep growing and soon your warforce will be big enough to topple the most challenging of foes.