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I'm A Thief!

By: TernieLaBiscuit

So, I've been super busy the past few weeks. However, I've been able to have the time to level up to 18 in thieving. I've kept a few trinkets, only because I found them to be weird (like I now have a vast collection of teeth) or maybe at some point useful? I have a feeling (I could be wrong, probably am, but whatever) that some of this will actually be able to be used at some point. On the hopes that will happen, I've kept a few interesting pieces.

Once I get to 20, other than stealing, finding ingredients for foods (all you beverage makers, watch the guild bank; I'm laundering all my stolen ingredients and putting all beverage items in the bank), and doing an occasional run, I really don't know what else I can do with this game on a singular level. Anything else I'd have to get a team together for, and no one ever seems to want to team up. I'd really like to complete the remaining quests in Craglorn I've never done. I'd like to get all the vet Dungeons done at some point (though many of them are very difficult). I guess I'm kinda in a rut.