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Different Route In Queensdale

By: GmaFog

Gee Ma Fog decided to just go wherever her feet took her today. We went a totally different and zig zag through the middle of Queensdale - We started at the Village of Shaemoor and went to the Garrison first. We moved out through the Windloss Delves, Queen's Forest, the Hunting lodge, Krytan Free holds, Salma Heath, Orlaf Escarpments, Taminn Foothills and ended up in Godslost Swamp. We fought vets, and the champion; finished hearts, hero points and POIs. We were so busy fighting that some of us forgot about the shinies until we ran over them. It was a fun time today. Welcome to Dmitry and Jessie. They followed along with us.

I think, next week we will do the western side of the map and see what happens.