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Craglorn Is Fun! And I Made A Chart!

By: TernieLaBiscuit

Okay, so first off, I made a chart. Like, I literally hand drew a chart like one would usually make in Excel, only for whatever reason I decided to actually write one out. It lists all the areas, and the 4 achievements I'm working on : Crime Pays, Give to the Poor, Lightbringer and Buy a Drink. Overall, I'm about 20% done with this overall. I mark off as I finish one, then move to the next spot to see if I can find one of these, and along the way, stop in the main town of the area and buy the Undaunted guild member a drink.

And then, there's Craglorn. Mij and I have been hitting it hard for the past few days. I'm about half way to VR 13 now, and we've beat about 5 dungeons there. Ms. Reeds tagged along a few nights ago, and tonight we were able to get 2 new members to join the guild!

We shall continue our conquest of Craglorn in the coming days..... adventure awaits us all!