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Been A Bang Up Time!

By: TernieLaBiscuit

Lately, I've been working in Cyrodiil trying to level up my Alliance position there. I'm only level 11, which is pretty pathetic considering this game is a year old. And now there's a reason to hit up those dolmens with the new siege available by hitting them.

I've also been working on leveling my other skills that are not 50, mostly in particular my Two-Handed greatsword skills. I've been using other skills I don't normally use, leveling them and using to use them to my or my group's advantage.

I look forward to working Upper Craglorn soon, as others have also shown an interest. It's the only area where I have Skyshards left to collect (my last 3, in fact), and where I have uncompleted quests.

So, in short, Dolmens and leveling in Cyrodiil, level up non-50 skills, and Upper Craglorn are my priorities.