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Adventure Into Ulda!

By: Abbi

Car called for adventurers to go into Ulda and take on those badies! She was however a ret Pally, but we didnt care, she put on her shield and we roared into the instance! Me (holy Priestly heals) Shadowangel(druid), Kassiopeia(druid) and our hunter and wolfie Jackal and Wolf! We plowed thru the first part fairly well, then the badies got higher levels, Car was fighting her way thru them with all her might!!! The butt scratchers were all over us at lvl 44, with bosses lvl 47 EEEK. We died valiantly a few times and called for the aide of Rainingblood our awesome warrior tank, but the big boss was too much for some of us as he summoned soo many men to his side and crushed us all! We had a ton of fun and died a few times with laughter and fun. Couldnt ask for a better group of people to die to so many mobs! We killed everything but that last big boss, what a great job by all!<3