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Mount Gunbad

A selection of how-to guides, important locations, and other information about Mount Gunbad

How-to Guides:

  • No Guides Available

Locations of Interest:

Throughout Mount Gunbad there are dozens of tome unlocks, title unlocks, history & lore unlocks, and more. The index below lists all of the unlocks found by Gaiscioch members.

Location Pocket Item Unlock Discovered By
X: 0 - Y: 0 Night-Time Is the Right Time
Enter Mount Gunbad and follow the central path down. At the first Public Quest area with Giants and Goblins, you will find Morgit Da Waagher standing beside a Hut on the left. Kill him for the unlock. Pocket Item: Darklight.
Location Title Unlock Discovered By
X: 0 - Y: 0 Arda ta Feed
Location Tome Tactic Unlock Discovered By
X: 7000 - Y: 3000 Green Lightning
Kezzen is a Snotling that paths throughout much of the east wing, west wing and entry area of Mount Gunbad. Killing him will provide the unlock. Note from Talasan: Stay near the entrance. Unless he glitched out, he will right right over the bridge on the right every 5-10 minutes.
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