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Eden Rising: Supremacy
Adventure Progress
Eden Rising: Supremacy
Level: 4 | Type: Open Adventure | Members: 3 / 8

Eden Rising: Supremacy Game Information

Eden Rising is a hybrid game mashup seamlessly blending elements from both action tower defense and open world genres to deliver a truly unique experience. Explore the vast world of Eden and defend your Crucibles from hordes of deadly monsters. Make use of everything you collect to craft powerful defenses, upgrade your weapons, and unlock challenges.Play by yourself or with friends and master all the challenges that await you!


  • May 17, 2018


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Eden Rising: Supremacy Warparties

Warparties are specialized guilds, clans and groups that allow members to organize multiple groups of players across different servers and factions.

Warparty Name Leader Server Faction Platform Focus Active Members Active Characters
 Gaiscioch Foghladha PC Cooperative PvE 1 1