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Dungeon Guide: Wayrest Sewers Veteran Mode!

Tiarna de na Ulchabhan Corcra
Tiarna de na Ulchabhan Corcra
Posted On: 04/14/2015 at 07:53 PM
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The basics!:

1.  Special attacks are the red aura bash to interrupt attacks.
2.  Heavy attacks are the yellow aura block required type attacks.
3.  Ground effects will always be discussed as AOE.  I will attempt to make sure I discuss where these are placed.
4.  Shrug off refers to the ability to remove effects that stun you with both mouse buttons, just like the bash attacks.
5.  Incidental AOE is damage that affects additional targets near a main target, when the ability is part of your single target attack setup.


Malubeth has 2 altars on the left and right.  These must be used when somebody has 4 beams on them, or they will die.  It is constant damage, so having dps prioritize this, with the healer as an emergency fill in, is a good idea.
The boss drops AOE that seems to stay around the whole fight.  Targets players.  Avoid standing in it, and avoid standing right at the altars when not using them.
Ranged magic attacks and melee, but nothing special.  Absorb does not seem to work on this boss, even though it is a single target magic attack.  I have bug reported this.

Uulgarg The Risen:

AOE fear.  Shrug it Off as quickly as you can, as you drop circles of fire while feared.
Heavy attack, block it.
Healer warning, this boss hits like a semi.

Bone Golem (Name not noted):

Standard Bone golem mini boss.  Summons waves of 4 skeletons that can be killed or ignored and let explode.
Uses a frontal cone slam attack, move out of it and do not face at group.


Garron is a lich, so lich AOE effects are in play... but the target is random instead of player focused.  He also throws random magic attack AOE that does not target players specifically.
His lich crystal attack summons adds.  They can be pulled in via DK or fighters guild chains.  They are ranged casters, with the frost line root, and may be mostly ignored if your tank taunts them (in fact, if taunted they can be used with the 1 hand and shield absorb for tons of self healing.)
He uses a ranged magic attack, absorb or reflect works nicely to help with healing.
The healer needs mana to spam, and everyone should group up, when the boss starts using green beams on everyone (they have a sort of bluish tint.)  This is a large damage AOE attack that cannot be avoided or interrupted.  Players with bash healing perks from their champion line should spam bash the boss.  Use self healing.  Use an off healer if needed.  The healer will be busy here.

Some Ghost (again, missed the name):

Starting adds.  Kill them.  DPS should focus fire them, as the tank will be busy enough with the boss.
The boss reduces main tank HP.  Be very careful!
The boss backs off and summons a ghost image for a direct line attack.  Avoid it.


This is actually a brother and sister combo.  The sister is an archer, who seems to focus on direct shots at the tank while taunted.  She does fair damage.
The brother uses a two handed sword.  He has a frontal cone attack, and a self-centered AOE to avoid.  He also uses a Heavy attack which should be blocked.
Every 33% each one will stop being able to be damaged (that is, 67%, 33%, dead.)  Each of these break points, if the other has higher health, will result in a shield of damage immunity.  Try to dps them fairly evenly.  Additionally, when both are at the break point, the players will be teleported to the room center, where illusionary bats are summoned.  AOE them down, with the tank trying to control them as best possible.
For the gold key, there are groups of zombies around the room.  Save them for after engaging.  Once you engage, pull 1 group and AOE down prior to dps on the bosses.  Again, with each break point, pull some zombies.  You should easily have enough by the time you are done.  Alternatively, if you have AOE ultimates, you can have DPS and tank use ranged pulls on 3 groups, gather them, and let loose.

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