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About Gaiscioch Adventures

Over the first 14 years of the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community, we focused entirely on creating a large scale social gaming community who specialized in holding epic large scale public community events. With our entire focus devoted toward one or two "Chapters" we were able to invest our time into nurturing a large scale community. However as time has progressed, the sheer number of multiplayer games being released created an environment where gamers no longer play a single game for years at a time. Today's gamers are playing dozens of games and their focus changes from month to month. Public interest as a whole changes at the drop of a dime.

Additionally the modern trend in MMO design is to restrict communities to less than 100 people. The outlook for potential games for us to journey into as a large community is very short. This has made it infinitely more difficult to find one game that meets everyone's needs. As we wait for the next chapter, players scatter to the four corners of the digital galaxy making it increasingly more difficult to keep the community together.

Introducing the Gaiscioch Adventures

In addition to our main Gaiscioch Chapter (branch) which is focused on Large Scale activities, we now have the ability to embrace smaller scale GSCH Social Adventures (twig). This system allows us to have a much broader reach and allows players to group up together and experience games that Gaiscioch typically would not branch into. Any cooperative game becomes a potential for adventures. This allows us to continue to focus our main chapter on larger targets while allowing members to journey into other worlds and enjoy all the wonders of the gaming world.

Focused on Players, not Guilds

The Social Adventure system has been designed from the ground up to work with players who are in various guilds or no guilds at all. This program is not centered around guilds, it's centered around players. Players are encouraged to join our Official GSCH to start and use it as a launching pad for deeper adventures. They welcome to launch their own guilds specializing in the content they enjoy. They are still able to use the Social Adventure system, they are still considered family, and all GSCH Social Adventures work together to succeed in the various gameworlds.

"It's not the tag above your head that matters,
It's what's on your face at the end of the day."

Regardless of Guild

All Gaiscioch members can use the Social Adventure system to the fullest. They can lead events, schedule events, use the forums and join us in Discord. They are considered family because of their membership to Gaiscioch, not because of their membership in game. Members are free to join any guild they like or even no guild at all. First and foremost we want players to be happy where their at. Happy people, make happy adventurers and we want to ensure that all members are exploring that which makes them happy.

Social Adventures are about People Sharing Adventures Together.

The Goal

It is our hope, that by evolving into the ability to support both large scale and small scale environments that we can help maintain the same player base across longer periods of times even as players cross over from game to game. It is our goal to be inclusive to all players through and let them be part of the family wherever life takes them.

Play What Your Want, With Who You Want